Radha Prathi, Jan 3, 2014, DHNS:

Technology to keep you secure

Radha Prathi, Jan 3, 2014, DHNS:

Radha Prathi lists out modern technology available to safeguard malls, corporate houses, complexes etc, as safety is not to be compromised.

You can hardly find a news report in the media sans reports of daylight robbery, house breaking, shop breaking or murder. Every time one learns of these depressing events, the sense of insecurity mounts up. People from all walks of life are taking steps to protect themselves in multifarious ways. Blocks of apartments, shopping complexes and malls and individual homes and buildings alike are pulling up their socks and stepping up their security systems.

A few decades ago, a sound security system meant collapsible iron gates, larger number locks and security guards. These days the connotation of security systems has changed to a large extent. A survey of the latest safety system shows that it is based on the latest technology.

Available technology

The range of security devices available in the market can be mind boggling. There are devices covering several areas of protection and loss prevention. There are security cameras, motion sensors, biometric processors, portable wireless security, metal detectors, law enforcement products, burglar alarms for every portion of the house, including driveways and swimming pools. These devices warn the owner of intrusions and break-in by sounding off an alarm.

The alarm is programmed in such a way that it is not merely heard by the neighbourhood but can alert the nearest police station and also inform the owner on his cell phone. The safety devices can be operated through remote control, and even if the owner is away in a different city, he can keep a tab of his premises from a distance.

It will be interesting to note that these days, security systems have come up with innovative technological ideas to protect documents from theft, moisture, fire and termites, which will prove to be a boon to Government offices, libraries, law firms and any other organisation that need to protect its documents.

Technologically-aided library security systems installed in various libraries across the world prevent theft of books and also help the librarian to work efficiently.

Video surveillance, magnetic swipes, biometric system, metal detectors, mail bomb and explosive detectors are no longer exclusive gadgets for high-profile buildings under red alert; it is likely to become the order of the day soon. In fact, the security industry is gearing up to extend effective security and prevent loss of life and property to the maximum possible extent.

When a security system is so advanced, it is not surprising to note that it comes with a heavy price tag. Yet the super rich, apartment complexes, malls, hotels, hospitals and semi opened enclosures like exhibitions, stadia, shop owners of jewellery and high-end items invest in the latest gadgets to protect their showrooms and their homes. They have realised that there is no point in being ‘Penny wise and Pound foolish’, especially when technology can prove to be an effective preventive.

The recent terror attacks in India have resulted in the boom of private-security industry which has come up with electronic security solutions for a vast array of applications at sustainable rates. There are many companies which do not stop merely with the manufacturing of these safety goods. They take up the responsibility of installing them and also conduct a hands-on demonstration to teach the new owner to operate the new-fangled gadgets effectively.

Security training

Some companies also undertake the training of guards who can handle the security solutions in various parts of the building right from the gate to the godown.

First time users of this nouveau technology will prove to be wise if they install products with ISO certification. They could also do a little homework and check the track record of the company’s installations in different locations. This will give them an insight into the pros and cons of the matter and also the little nuances about the maintenance and upkeep of these products.

For individuals & masses

It is easier to accommodate these gizmos in buildings under construction rather than built facilities. Yet the process can be executed without a hitch if one uses the services of a competent electrician and mason, who can work according to the instructions of the installation engineer.

The industry caters to individuals and organisations alike, and most of them allow their potential customers to try out their devices before making the purchase. They also offer easy installment schemes and give a decent discount on down payments to facilitate more people to feel secure in more ways than one.

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