Today's letters

Today's letters

 PC in a fix


PC our handsome HM was very badly cornered by the consolidated opposition in both the houses of Parliament and PC was attempting to put up a very brave face in vain.Babri issue is of course is very sensitive one. The commision report was leaked to the press and the entire opposition geared up and attacked PC for the leakage.Unfortunately, there was no direct reply from  PC since he was trying to explain some thing else and never came to the issue directly.Surely it is ploy on the part of the govt to distract the nation from the main issues like price rise and sugarcane problems etc.

Politics seems to be the only business in the Parliament and it is very unfortunate that the Congress-led UPA is indulging in such a way to escape responsibilities of ruling . Incidentally, the HM who is in-charge of securtity of our nation is not in a postion to even secure a document safely. How can you expect him to keep vigil on the country is a very big question mark indeed?. PC should come straight on leakage!


Organisational strength

One may totally disagree with everything the BJP/ RSS parivar preaches and practices, but one would certainly appreciate how methodically and successfully they implement ed their plan as has been pronounced by the Liberhan Commission on the Demolition of Babri Masjid. The planning of demolition without anyone's knowledge and the operation  they undertook to the finish is really incredible.  Although BJP is facing internal rebellion and everything inside is totally astray and disastrous, the way the party has become a crouching tiger to take on the monolithic Congress on the leakage of the report is really astounding. If only they had exhibited this, while they were in power, it would have been momentous. Again, how is it that the Congress, which is flexing muscles, continues to be on the defensive, in spite of having talented and respected leaders at the helm?

Mrs Vani Iyengar
Nagarabhavi, Bangalore

An ugly incident

The much awaited and delayed Liberhan report on the infamous Babri Masjid demolition has come out through unofficial channels. No doubt it's important to find out how the report got to the press even before it was tabled in parliament. However, it's more important to know what the Action Taken Report (ATR) would be on the report that has indicted a number of BJP stalwarts. Destruction of the Babri Masjid was a national shame and we should see to it that such an ugly incident does not happen again.

D.B.N. Murthy

Mosque Demolition: Different aspects

It is mysteriouus how the report of the Liberhan Commmssion on the events leading to the demolition of Babri Masjid was leaked out to the media.There should be a probe into it as it constitues a breach of Previlage. Afterbeing forced by the Opposition, the govt is now placing the report on the floor of the House.

Bu the leaked report has don damage to both the BJP and the Congress. A section of the media and the Congressmen need not be overjoyed that many senior leaders of BJP like Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi have been named in the reportfor making furious speeches encouraging demolition.

These questions also would be raked up.1) How did Rajiv Gandhi get unlocked the gates of the disputed structure, allowed shilanyas and performace of pooja for Ram Lalla?2) Was it not the responsibility of the then PM,P.V Narasimha Rao to take preventive measures to stop the demolition of the mosque?.

It would be difficult for the Congress to defend Rajiv Gandhi and Narasimha Rao.


Wrong priorities

Justice Liberhan is shown to have lost his cool in TV for the query of journalists. May be the question posed to him has put him in an uncomfortable position. This does not give him the right to gag the journalists by his ill-tempered behaviour. The leakage of report even before it was tabled in the Parliament is a matter of serious concern.  The inordinate delay in the submission of report, has lost its sheen. Now the priority should be accorded to combat the massacre of innocent lives rather than diverting attention on a mosque that was not used for prayer when it was pulled down.

K V Seetharamaiah

Totally unprepared now also

On Nov 26 we observe the first anniversary of the fidayeen attacks on Mumbai in which  170 people were killed and over 300 people were injured. We seem to have not learnt lessons from the attack in the past one year. The Prime Minister had spoken of a possible Mumbai type attack. Not only the people of Mumbai, but also people of other metros too live in fear. Italy police have nabbed two persons of Pakistan origin for money transfer for the Mumbai attack. David Headley is reported to have visited India many times. We failed to probe this. Kasab, the lone survivor among the 10 terrorists is yet to be punished.

Secondly, we have not modernised our police force yet. And we have not strenthened our intelligence also. We failed to isolate
Pakistan after the 26/11 attack by putting pressure. So we stand as we were as on 25.11.08. We totally lack political will in the war against terror.


N. R. Ramachandran,