Prince Harry may move next door to brother William: report

Prince Harry may move next door to brother William: report

Britain's Prince Harry may be planning to move next door to elder brother Prince William by taking over one of the many enormous apartments in Kensington Palace, a senior British royal has claimed.

Prince William and wife Kate Middleton are settling into their own new set of apartments with baby Prince George within the palace after a one million pounds restoration project.
Now one of their royal neighbours, Princess Michael of Kent, has claimed that young bachelor Prince Harry is planning to swap his small one-bedroom flat within the palace complex for a larger apartment closer to the couple.

Known as one of Britain's most outspoken royals, Princess Michael was making a reference to an apartment currently occupied by the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

According to a report in the Sunday Times, although Buckingham Palace said there were "no plans" for 29-year-old Harry to move, the comments from a member of the royal family offer a glimpse into the royal attraction for prime residences in the palaces.
The Princess also spoke about how she was "very much behind" the decision to give the apartment of the late Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth II's sister, to William and Kate "because it's the nicest apartment".

Princess Michael, who is married to King George V's grandson Prince Michael of Kent, said when the apartment was left vacant after Margaret's death in 2002, "they gave it to a museum. And, obviously, the boy (Prince William) was going to marry one day. All right it was 12 years ago, but one day he'd need the best apartment, surely".

She told 'Tatler' magazine that William's was a "lovely big apartment, next to the Gloucesters who I think will leave their enormous apartment because their children have gone.

"And they're rattling around this huge space and I think Prince Harry might go there, then they'd be next door to each other — very good move."

The Princess, sometimes referred to as Princess Pushy because she is not a working royal but enjoys some of the privileges, has been criticised over her own apartment in Kensington Palace.

Princess Michael and her husband provoked public anger when it emerged that for a long time they had paid nominal rent for Apartment 10 while maintaining Nether Lypiatt, a 5.75-million house in Gloucestershire, which they sold in 2006.

They now pay a rent of 120,000 pounds a year. In March 2012, Harry moved from his old room at Clarence House into a modest former staff apartment in Kensington Palace.
According to royal insiders, Harry is happily ensconced in his "royal bedsit"

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