Revolving around 'rasas'

Revolving around 'rasas'

brotherly Jaggesh and Komal.

Shy in front of elder brother Jaggesh, Komal was pondering about his role during the launch of Ashok Cashyap’s Lift-Kodla? You see, Komal plays a down-on-luck producer... Perhaps a few tips from insiders might help!

Kanteerava Studio and its surroundings resembled a political rally/convention with senior and junior politicians running around in their crisp white ‘uniforms’, huge garlands in hand. That maybe because like the film’s hero Jaggesh, the producer Shankar Reddy also belongs to the same party.

Making his way, amongst the hordes of fan, a sweaty Jaggesh proclaimed: “The story is inspired by a Japanese film. It was made in Telugu as Mr Shreyobhilashi, which bagged a State award. We have also included a bit about Love Jihad, the current, hot topic of discussion. A bus plays the main lead in the film, and the passengers travelling in it have a desire to die.”

Director Ashok Cashyap continued the conversation: “Each passenger comes with a story that unravels in the Bangalore-to-Kodachadri Hills journey. The film showcases all the nine rasas.”

Cashyap will present the story as a satire and has got Ramnarayan to write the dialogues. Raju Thalikota, who rose to fame in Manasaare, plays the bus driver’s role.

Actress Sindhu Menon’s brother, Karthik, is cast as the Muslim youth while Jaggesh’s nephew Jeevan plays a disappointed lover!

“A dog also has one of the important roles,” was Jaggesh’s add-on. 
Srinivasamurthy, Sadhu Kokila, Shobhraj, Rameshwari Verma, Akshara, Bhavana and Sangamesh Upase are the other bus passengers. V Manohar is providing the music.
The search for a heroine continues. Lift-Kodla? goes on the floor in the first week of December while its next schedule is a month later.