Prized bulls will now ride AC trucks to Jallikattu venues

Bulls may be headed for some rough ride in Jallikattu events, but their owners can at least make sure that the ride to the venues is smooth, thanks to an innovative vehicle made by a man from Trichy. 

In a first, the prized bulls will be transported on fully air-conditioned capsules to the Jallikattu venues. The truck carrying them is also made comfortable for the animals with sliding tailgates, ramps and racks in which they can rest without having to go through the stress of travel.

The space provided to the bull inside the cell was adequate for them to stand, sit, lie down or turn. The well-ventilated interiors are padded with chew-proof materials, while the cells are positioned strategically to prevent the animals from fighting each other. 

“We have fitted air coolers along with fans and lights inside the vehicle. Our truck could carry only five bulls at a time,” Ondi Raj, owner of the innovated truck  from Trichy district, told Deccan Herald. The cells are also designed to protect the bull from being accidentally falling. 

Raj also said about 1,500 bulls are transported from Trichy to many places, especially to the neighbouring Madurai, during the Jallikattu events each year. 

“On this vehicle, I have transported about 100 bulls in different trips to various districts”, Raj, who is also the state secretary of Jallikattu Protection Forum, said.

Raj, who spent Rs 9 lakh on designing the modern transport vehicle, said the bulls have to travel for at least a day to reach the other districts. 

Since the cages fitted inside the vehicle are removable, the owner can transform the truck into ferrying consumable or perishable commodities once the Jallikattu season is over.  Jallikattu, the annual bull fight, is held each year mainly in the southern Tamil Nadu districts. Starting from the world famous Palamedu in Madurai on Jan 15, the event then moves to Alanganallur on January 16, where the “Alanganallur Jallikattu” will be held. The event goes on from January to July. 

Bulls taking part in the fights are specially bred for the purpose. They have fierce sounding names and obey commands of their masters. Kept as a status symbols, they are not used for agriculture.

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