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Dear Sir,
I am currently working as a Project Manager in a reputed IT company with over 13 years of experience. Human psychology has always been an area of interest. I would like to  pursue study in this area. At the moment I am not sure if I want to get into applied psychology or research. Hope once I learn the basics I would be able to choose one of the fields. Could you please guide me on the study path and career options in the field of psychology.

Dear Vyshnavi
It is very nice to know that despite your successful IT career you have an abiding interest in welfare of human beings. In the latter part of your career you will find it very satisfying to be doing meaningful work in human psychology.  You can make a beginning by enrolling for a distance learning MSc course in Applied Psychology or Psychotherapy, offered by reputed universities such as Kuvempu, Madras, IGNOU, Annamalai etc.  If you wish to get a feel of practical human behaviour, you can also take up a part-time Diploma course in Counselling Skills offered by Banjara Academy, Prasanna Counselling, Parivarthan and other private institutions, which you can do without disturbing your work schedule and gain insights that will help you get a deeper insight into the real world of human dynamics.  Subsequent to your completion of these courses you will be able to decide what direction you would like to take and how to take the step forward.

Dear Sir,
I am studying in second year (PCMC). I want to become a detective. Which course should I take up  after my second year? Throw  light on which colleges offer these courses? I would prefer to be a government detective rather than a private one.
Amar Angadi

Dear Amar
Being a detective is definitely a thrilling and challenging proposition Amar, but you need to be aware of certain realities.  In India private detectives have a very limited role to play and have many constraints. In government investigative work is done primarily by the regular police, and difficult cases are handed over to the state CID or the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).
  Officers of CID are regular policemen who are posted there for limited tenure, and then go back to other aspects of policing.  CBI inducts officers in the junior cadre (inspectors and DSPs) through a selection exam by UPSC ( and the senior officers are deputed from the IPS cadre of different states. Be aware that selection to any of the above is very competitive. Minimum qualification is a graduation in any field.

Dear Sir,
I am a student of 9th standard in CBSE board and I am interested in Robotics engineering. As hobby classes I have completed my Robotics level 3 till now in my summer vacations. I would like to know is there a specific branch of engineering for studying Robotics or should I take up any alternate or related subjects in BE or BTech, if so what are the related subjects I should take up in engineering. I would also like to know which are the colleges that offer this specialization in India. I will also be happy if you can kindly inform me about the choice of careers so that it will be helpful to plan further.
Abinav Jain
Dear Abhinav
Glad to see your interest in an upcoming and very exciting field, and more so to know that you have already put your desire into action by doing summer courses.  You may take up Science at +2 level, preferably with PCM + Electronics/Information Technology. If you are a good student and willing to work hard, you can aim for Robotics or Automation Technology in IITs, NITs, IISc, BITS etc.  A few colleges in Karnataka (such as BVB Hubli) also offer BE in these subjects.  Alternatively you can aim for a good college where you can complete your engineering in Mechanical, Mecha-tronics, Electronics and then specialize in Robotics at the post-graduate level.

Dear Sir,
I am a student of class 10th. Iam studying in KV which has CBSE board. My goal is to become a cardiologist my parents are supportive but they are not willing to change my institute for PUC. Most of my friends  are  changing their institute for a better quality coaching. Moreover even one of my teacher guided me to go to college. For me coaching only does matter. My parents even gave me an option of joining an private coaching centre continuing in the same institute which my friends have already joined and they are also changing their institute. I am confused regarding how to handle this. If I want a better coaching which institute is best. I can’t convince my parents regarding changing institute.
Amulya H

Dear Amulya
It is commendable that you want to serve society through medicine.  Good education in a KV up to 12th standard of CBSE will give you a strong foundation to appear for all-India medical entrance tests.  Focus more on learning and improving your fundamentals.  The significance of coaching is only to help you with methodology to answer the questions the right way within the limited time, so you can take that coaching from any nearby convenient centre.  Ensure that you register for the various entrance exams for MBBS, including the private universities, so that your chances of admission improve. Once you are through with MBBS you can take the final decision of whether to take up cardiology or any other specialization.

Dear sir,
I am a student of class X. I have two more months for my ICSE Board exams. I am interested in Chemistry and physics. I find maths difficult. Can you suggest what careers I should choose?

Dear Krithika,
Since your exams are round the corner, it may be better to put in whatever effort you can to improve your math score. Study systematically and give it your best shot.  If you have scored well in Science subjects, you can opt for a combination of Physics, Chemistry, Biology with a 4th subject other than Math.  This is available in ISC, CBSE as well as PUC.  You will only be shutting the doors on a career in engineering, and all other fields will be open to you.  You can take a final decision regarding your career choice after you have completed 11th, either by yourself, or by undergoing a Career Aptitude Test.

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chairman of Banjara Academy.
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