Today's letters.

Today's letters.

A Hubli-Hyderabad train, please

A new train between Hyderabad and Hubli passing through five District Head Quaters namely, Gulbarga, Solapur, Bijapur, Bagalkot and  Gadag will be very much beneficial for the economic developement of this region.

The railway will also gain by boosting the tourism potential of this region by opening a new route to this region from Hyderabad.

Also this route may be shorter than the existing Rail route between Hyderabd and Hubli via Guntakal. This route can become a reality  with very good co-ordination between the three Ralway Zones , namely the South Central Railways, Central Railways and the South Central Railways, through which the route passes.

If a new train is not possible, then the existing Gadag-Solapur passenger or the Hyderabad -Bijapur Passenger can be converted as Hyderabad-Bijapur-Hubli Passenger/Express.

Sunil Ganapathi

Greener Earth

All eyes are on the coming Copenhagen summit and lot has been discussed about the global warming phenomenon. Dveloped nations, more so, big brother US, are apprehensive of the imminent topling of their places by countries like India and China.  They are worried about the continuous growth in these economies.

It is ironical that the countries, which have spoilt the world all through by rapid industrialisation, have suddenly woken up and have targeted these developing nations urging them to go slow on modernization.  Nevertheless all individual nations of the world, including US, should chalk out action plan to move towards greener earth.


Railway Protection Force

I take this opportunity to inform you that in your article "26/11 : Railways on alert mode" (25/11/09) the full form of RPF is given "Railway Police Force" whereas it is "Railway Protection Force". See "on the eve of the first anniversary of 26/11 when heightened security measures are being put in place at vital installations all over the country, the Railway Police Force (RPF) in the City is gasping to ensure stringent security at its railway... ".

Prashant Saxena

Honest auto driver

This incident took place on the morning of Nov 23, 2009. I was returning from Bangalore, en route from Baroda. I had got down at Columbia Asia Hospital, and wanted to take an autorickshaw to Brindavan Extension. All the auto drivers were demanding 1and half times at 1000 hrs in the morning. Where in I was clear , that whatever was the Meter fare – I will give Rs 10 extra over that. None of them was ready to go.

At that point this Auto came from somewhere and agreed to Rs 10 extra over the meter. The other drivers objected – however he chided them and moved on.

After dropping me , I gave him Rs 60 ( Rs 47 as per meter and Rs 10 + change).

When I got into my house  I suddenly realised that I had forgotten my cell phone in the auto and I did not know his rickshaw Reg No. I drove around Vonti-koppal, Surya Bakery and Metagalli in my pwn vehicle. But I did not find him. I came back to the Ganesh Temple at Brindavan Ext. thinking of calling on cell from the coin box. There a gentleman who owned the medical shop – offered to call from his cell on my number.  I was surprised beyond expectation,when  the auto driver- his name is Harish- answered the cell .

He confirmed having found the cell and offered to come back immediately . He came down and gave back my cell. That was an Samsung Omina- costing about Rs 24,000/- and all the people near the shop congratulated the driver for his honesty . I had some money in my pocket- which I gave to him. 

And to be frank, I had two sets of feelings since morning
1.The pleasant feeling of meeting a honest person – in the auto driver- Harish- His cell no is 9964329010

2. secondly the rude behaviour of the rickshaw driver standing at the Ring road circle near Columbia Asia Hospital demanding more than the meter and fleecing the customer.

I suggest you to highlight Harish’s honesty as it deserves more than he got.


Zende deserves bravery award

It is reported that Mr. Vishnu Dattaram Zende,  was an announcer with the Central Railways at CST, Mumbai was on duty on the fateful day 26/11/2008. Putting his life into danger, Zende  is reported to have saved the lives of thousands of passengers by alerting them through repeated announcements to vacate the premises and not to enter the CST on 26/11 night.  By making announcements from his cabin, from where he could see the platforms he is reported to have alerted the passengers.   He has done a commedable job.  He richly deserves bravery award.  

N. R. Ramachandran,

Unmask criminals

Whenever criminals are caught and shown on the small screen,it is often observed that they are covered with dark masks,which prevents the people from identifying when they are involved in similar incidents in future and which further hampering investigation by the police in future criminal activities by the same criminals.

Therefore the union home minister should issue strict directives to all state Govts. not to allow the face of the criminals covered with masks,even if they demand for such a facility,in the interest of preventing repetition of such cases in future.

B S Raghavendra Rao,

Rate the rating agencies

I was surprised to read in business section on 24th Nov 09 , the global rating agency   ' Moodys ' has retaing the rating of negative outlook on indian banking system , clearly exposing themselves in the role they play in furthering the cause of corporate world in financial and banking system around the globe.

What was ' Moodys ' rating for the last couple of quarters on more than 150  American banks which have failed ? And indian banks survived ? It is time to rate these rating agencies.

Milind Katti

Price of progress

They will soon tax the air we breathe and the government is getting there sooner than expected. The Editorial "People own Parks - 'Govt has no right to restrict entry into parks.' (Deccan Herald, 25th Nov 2009) couldn't have said it better.

Almost a hundred years earlier the Russian playwright Anton Chekhov has very succinctly written in his play Uncle Vanya (1897): " Man has been endowed with reason, with the power to create, so that he can add to what he's been given. But up to now he hasn't been a creator, only a destroyer. Forests keep disappearing, rivers dry up, wild life's  become extinct, the climate's ruined and the land grows poorer and uglier every day".

Unfortunately, the price we pay for progress is the loss of our city's green cover to glass and steel. The lakes have almost gone, so have the heritage trees of Bangalore, the once beautiful Pensioner's Paradise is now slowly asphyxiating. The remaining lung spaces like the Lalbagh, the Cubbon Park, the Freedom Park are sentinels of our once beautiful Garden City.

Instead of imposing an entry tax on its citizens, the government can form a volunteer corp to educate fellow citizens to help protect our green heritage. For heavens sake "don't tax the air we breathe".

Sharath Ahuja
Technical Officer Dept of Instrumentation
IISc, Bangalore-12

Shabby Park - compensate

It is ridiculous to tax the walkers in Lalbagh which is the old and good place to breath freely in an otherwise highly polluted city. Most of the walkers are senior citizens with pension and already face the taxation and cost of living in the city. In Madiwala, adjacent to Ayyappa Temple and opposite Saneeswara Temple, the park is so shabby with garbage. The fountain tank is empty, no water supply. The pavement inside is strewn with throw away plates and cups after the careless citizens consume eatables just adjucent on the pavement.

The cement benches are broken. There are no flowering plants.  For walking on such most filthy park, does the Minister please pay to the walkers for unhealthy air breathed and medical expenses?


Pak should shed false pride

It is better for Pakistan to recognise it's actual problems.Ever since Pakistan started war against India in 1948 by breaking the agreement on Kashmir issue it has never stopped it's negative attitude by its repeated wars on India  to divert it's failure on many domestic problems and keeping it's people always on the bitter mood against it's neighbour. It should also recognise the fact  that its consistent attempts to trouble India through cross border terrorism to avenge it's repeated war defeats is back firing on itself.

Even now, ISI, Pakistan Government's  intelligence agency has not discontinued its indirect support to terrorism against India which also is the route cause for that country's woes. Hope, the Government of Pakistan and its leaders shed their false pride by recognising the reality and extend constructive cooperation in eliminating terrorism in the subcontinent which only will bring peace and prosperity to both the nations.    


Can Mumbai take more Maharashtrians?

The recent war of words between the nationalists and regionalists with regard to the congested Mumbai has reached a stage of the demand for its nationalisation or making it union territory.  Could this solve the basic problem of choking Mumbai or for that matter, all the over congested metros like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad or our own Bangalore? Here, if we analyse the basic problem of these cities without giving the language colour to it, we realise that these cities are overpopulated with the influx of opportunity seekers from all over the country as rural areas or small towns are not that attractive like these big cities.

It is always humanly natural that one becomes little narrow-minded or selfish when anything becomes very scarce and basic survival is at stake, and finds reasons to be so, unlike the situation where everything is in abundance. Hence, instead of giving linguistic or regional colour to this menacing problem we should treat it as a national problem. This immigration of people is putting lot of pressure on the basic infrastructure of all these cities like water, electricity and transportation.

 We should realise that present Mumbai is unable to provide infrastructure to more people irrespective of their language including maharashtrians and it is same with other metros also. As we cannot  and should not statutorily stop people coming to these cities either from own state or other states, we should discourage people coming in or encourage going out from these cities by creating other attractive job or business opportunity hubs elsewhere, which are less populated. Even the retired and aged people, who have made their fortune in these metros and earned a lot, can think of moving to other less crowded, less polluted, less stressful and healthier atmosphere places for their own sake of good health.

Ramakanth Udupa.K,

What an idea Sirji!

‘The talk for India hour’ on 26th November visualised by the Idea cellular company, wherein the revenue earned from all phone calls between 8.36 to 9.36 pm made by Idea mobile users will be donated to the police force to make the country safe and sound, is clearly an example of ‘corporate considerations’ for a city ravaged by misfortunes. The high-priests of marketing expounding the concept, waxing lyrical about cause-based initiatives is something one would find hard to comprehend, considering the somberness of the occasion. Paradoxes may abound, but eventually Mumbaikars will be Mumbaikars and their manner of coming to terms with the inevitabilities of any tragedy that befalls their beloved city is a lesson in resilience. Imagine a city planning ‘an anniversary’ of the terror attacks that nearly crippled it!

One is pleasantly surprised to read that events are being organized across the city to cash in on the coverage that the ‘26/11’ tag will generate. The launch of a special range of handbags, musical albums and art shows galore that will all showcase the central theme of the infamous attacks on Mumbai………. Well, the list of commemorative ventures is endless!

While commercial companies are set to make the most of the opportunity, the cops, the safe-keepers of the nation, are riddled with problems of equipment and manpower. Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab and his antics in court are the last vestiges of that dastardly act which literally brought the mega-city of Mumbai – and a shocked nation - to its knees. One is at times astounded by the logic of affording fair trials to perpetrators of heinous crimes who take profound glee in executing their nefarious designs without any fear of the consequences. Strange are the ways of the democracy! A whole nation is being pacified by the explanation that Kasab’s trial is purported to give the prosecution an opportunity to unravel the intriguing Lashkar-e-Toiba conspiracy behind the plot and expose the role played by various state players from across the border.

 Yet we are not aware (or were we?) of the role of a Pakistan-born American David Coleman Headley and his Canadian associate Tahawwur Hussain Rana in this sordid drama! Nor are we aware of a father-son duo, the Janjuas, based in Italy responsible for helping fund and providing logistical support for the terrorist attacks in Mumbai last year; foreign intelligence agencies has to be depended upon for these revelations and the subsequent arrests. A commemoration of a national tragedy at one end and a political apathy at the other, this could only be happening in India!

Pachu Menon

Test Cricket could be popular !
A time has come to think about the popularity of  Test Cricket nowadays .It is not popular as it was about 30 years ago when stadium in big cities like Mumbai, Delhi , Kolkatta were jampacked with crowd of 40,000 to 50,000 people.With the introduction of one day cricket and T 20 series Test Cricket  has slowly lost its popularity and nowadays . Even if 1000 people assembled at the stadium it is considered  as big crowd nowadays.This is  observed iniformally in all cricket playing countries.

 Cricket fans want definite result nowadays either win or defeat or tie. Their tastes have changed . They do not want to spend/waste time in Cricket stadium. So the only way to make Test  matches also as popular as one day matches is to fix the maximum overs to 75 or 100, apply all rules regarding noballs and wideballs,field placings as applicable to One day matches to Test matches also, reduce the number
of days to three days, and each team has to  play two innings.

The times of test matches also should be changed so as to facilitate the completion of overs in a day. I opine that with the above changes popularity of test matches
could be revived and not only that lot of time could be saved, reduce the days of stay in foreigncountry. Fans also will not mind to buy season tickets for 3 days.

Most important point is,test matches should not be televised.Then only good crowd could be expected at the stadium.The changes are need of the present day situation.

Sukumar Talpady,

On Lieberhan report

Having used up 17 years with some 4,000 sittings over 48 extensions  and an estimated Rs 8 crore, Justice MS Liberhan's report on the ‘political circumstances’ and ‘general conspiracy’ related to the demolition of the disputed Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid structure in Ayodhya on December 6, 1992, reveals nothing extraordinary.He owes Indian tax-payers a refund.


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