Seer slaps scribe over Modi question

Swaroopanand Saraswati, the Shankaracharya of Dwarka, struck a resounding controversy when he allegedly slapped a television reporter for asking him about Narendra Modi’s prospects of becoming prime minister.

The incident occurred on Tuesday while the seer was interacting with journalists during his visit for a religious function.

“Rajniti ki baat nahi karna (Don’t talk politics),” the seer admonished the reporter as he slapped him.

The indecorous episode was aired by national television channels.

The reporter later said he was not hit as “I ducked and Jagadguru’s hand only hit my mike”.
He said would not lodge a police complaint as Swaroopanand is held in high esteem by the people.

The Shankaracharya sought to downplay the incident, saying he had merely tried to shoo away the journalist as he had asked a political question despite being told not to.

“I also told him you want to keep this man (Modi) in popular conversation, for good reasons or bad. I have no objection to his becoming the prime minister, but he should tell people truthfully what he wants to do,” Swaroopanand told a  national TV channel.

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