Wearable designs at last!

Good start

The tenth edition of the Blender’s Pride Bangalore Fashion Week took off to a roaring start with designers hitting the ramp with lots of brightly-coloured new designs, steeped in rather loud imagination and creativity. Each piece of garment had a charm of its own and a story to tell.

  The show opened with a western line by designer Vidya Vivek. Her collection titled ‘Chisel’ saw her employ a unique technique called transformational reconstruction where Vidya had woven 3D technique into her garments. “I’ve played around with red and black because the two colours make for an excellent contrast,” explained Vidya, who drew her inspiration from 3D projections of nature and monuments. 

  Vidya’s work was contrasted with a bold and bright display of style on the ramp by Gunkiran Kaurunder under her label ‘gkb’ where she wove bright colours in one garment. “I am from Punjab and I love colours. My designs are a lot like India, which is diverse in culture with many colourful traditions,” explained Gunkiran who focussed on Indian wear. Her work revolved around Indo-western wear.

Michelle Salins dedicated her line to ‘women who love sunshine’. It was inspired by the clear blue Californian skies and white sandy beaches that she had seen in Germany last summer. “My collection features dresses from dawn to dusk. This line of bold, fit and column dresses are constructed from silk and cotton jersey. It is for women who love to experiment with clothes and colours. It is bright, floral and merges the colours of the sun with orange bright bougainvillea,” said Michelle. 

  The last show for the day was by Delhi-based designer Jattinn Kochhar whose collection titled ‘Me & I’  was a take on the dual personalities in people. “The dark side co-exists with the bright side just like a mirror reflection in each one of us. The collection has been conceptualised keeping this in mind. I have used pink on black around with black and white. The designs cater to the emerging tastes of today’s generation,” reasoned Jattinn.

 Those in the audience said that they got a peek into the changing fashion in the market. Deepa Joshi, a socialite said, “I liked the way subtle colours were knit into the designs which were rather bold and wacky.” Sachin Rao, another member of the audience, said, “More than the designs, I appreciate the efforts of designers to make clothes that are wearable and practical.”

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