Of tresses and shapes

Of tresses and shapes

Of tresses and shapes

The kind of haircuts and lengths you choose should not be merely of your liking. You need to keep your face and body shape in mind, advises  Priscilla Corner.

Deepika Padukone's longer low layered tresses lend a sexy sway to her hair. They make for a fuller periphery line making her hair in general look thicker.

Katrina Kaif sports higher layers that add bounce and volume to her hair. Her short fringes make for quick variations. Blunt bangs, side swept, side flicks, no matter which she maintains, her fringes are ultra-feminine and fabulous!

Priyanka Chopra is wonderfully experimental with her hair. Her texturized sharp layers make for great photo shoots, while her smooth flowing sheen makes for an elegant look in her movies. She uses her fringe to maximum advantage too, combining them with an array of low twists.

Haircuts & face shapes

The long face (Katrina Kaif)

Those with a long face shape should try and keep their hair length short to medium. Long hair tends to drag a face down, elongating it further. Therefore, those who want long hair should make sure it is contrasted with bouncy layers that are at chin and cheek levels. Get a fringe too if possible. The fringe cuts off almost one quarter of the face length evening it out perfectly.

The round face (Alia Bhatt)

Ideally a cut for this face shape should aim at making the face look leaner so staying clear of very short bouncy layered cuts helps. Face framing layers can slim the face down, while below-the-shoulder styles or longer layers, beginning form below the jawline, give the face the length needed to make it appear less round. If a shorter style is a must, then go in for a stacked Bob (short at the nape and kept longer in the front) or an A-line bob. This is one face shape that is well-flattered by long hair. So if sitting on your hair is your thing, make sure you have a round face to go with it! Side-swept fringes help to create angles on the face, so go for them.

The oval face (Priyanka Chopra)

This is the perfect face shape as almost any cut looks good on it. Longer layers, square layers, pixie cuts, edgy layered bobs, all look good on this face shape. Ovals can tend toward looking longish. So steer clear of very long hair. If you want long hair, then, have layers starting from just below your jawline. That will beautifully focus on your perfectly shaped face.

The square face (Kareena Kapoor)

Your haircuts should aim to soften the jawline and its angularity. So choose styles that fall along the sides of the face as they serve to both lengthen and soften the appearance of the jawline. Layers that start at the jawline, softly texturized layers, and spiky short cuts look great on square jawlines. Long sleek bobs, and side swept bangs make for a great combo.

Heart-shape face (Deepika Padukone)

This shape tapers to the point at the chin making it a prominent feature therefore a style that takes attention away from the chin is what suits it best. Bringing attention to the forehead by using sides wept bangs that end just above the eyebrow also work to draw attention to the eye area and away from the chin. Also, keeping your hair away from your face, say in a pony, plait, or a bun will do the trick.

Hair lengths & body shapes

*People who have obviously pear shaped physique for instance should stay clear of very short styles as this can make the size of the head smaller and give the illusion of wider bottoms. Medium to long hair works for you.

* Tall and or skeletal framed people (banana-shaped bodies) should stay off long hair. Shoulder length hair is your best bet.

* Hour-glass shaped bodies is just perfect, and any hair length is fine on people with this body shape.

* Apple-shaped bodies and short hair are a big no-no, as this tends to give the wide-torso-manly look! Go for atleast medium to long hair, with soft, feminine layers.

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