Warne wants two-tier Test championship

"I love Test cricket, but I think it is has got to the stage where there are some things that need to be addressed. I reckon we need a two-tier system with a grand final for the top two sides in a neutral venue in a one-off Test," Warne wrote in his column in 'Herald Sun'.
"I love tradition and that's why I have been vocal about saving Test cricket. I believe two tiers is the future and a grand final. That means the fifth side in the top tier would be relegated to the bottom tier and the top team in that tier would be promoted," Warne said.

Warne feels Test playing nations should be clubbed into two groups on the basis of their ICC rankings.
"So how is the top five decided? The ICC rankings would get credibility as the system that determines which tier each country goes to. The other advantage of a two-tier system is Test captains will need to play to win, to protect their spot in the top tier, which will surely result in more entertaining cricket," Warne said.

"I can hear people saying that there will be complications regarding sponsorship and the like. This might be true and the ICC will need to help on that one," he added.

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