Academy chiefs have novel plans in the offing

Academy chiefs have novel plans in the offing

Academy chiefs have novel plans in the offing

With the presidents of three state language academies appointed after a long gap of the new government assuming power, the newly appointed chiefs of academies have several plans and programmes in the offing.

The presidents of Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy, Beary Sahitya Academy and Tulu Sahitya Academy have already begun the process of planning the activities to boost the language and culture, present an estimate before the government and make best use of the available funds. 

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Tulu Sahitya Academy President M Janaki Brahmavar said that she would emphasis on promoting Tulu language from academic angle, than merely organising programmes of grandeur. 

Though several researches on Tulu works have been carried out in the past, a lot more is to be done. “I will carry forward the legacy of my predecessors, who have done an extraordinary job towards making Tulu feel its presence in literary field,” she said, adding that she would also do her best within her capacities to include Tulu in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution.

Janaki Brahmavar, a retired college lecturer, is a former member of Tulu Sahitya Academy. Born in Moodukudru in Udupi taluk, she served as a lecturer at St Mary’s Syrian College, Brahmavar. She has authored and translated several works. Her latest Tulu works are - ‘Amar Baiderl’ and ‘Tulunada Bollilu.’
 Mobile bazar for Konkani books

Konkani Sahitya Academy President Roy S A Castelino has decided to focus on promoting Konkani education in schools. For Konkani language to sustain, children have to develop an interest to read Konkani books, he said. 

Analysing what has been lacking in promoting Konkani language, he said, there has been a dearth in publication of Konkani books. “We will support Konkani writers and help to publish quality books. I have a plan to introduce ‘mobile bazar,’ for selling Konkani books at doorsteps,” he said.

Roy Castelino, a Mangalorean is an entrepreneur in construction industry. He headed the NGO Konkani Prachar Sanchalan and worked towards promoting Konkani language in schools. He is also a director of Sandesha Foundation for former president of Rachana.

Involving students

Beary Sahitya Academy President B A Mohammad Hanif envisions to promote Beary language and culture through reaching students community in colleges and universities. Special importance will be given to literature students who will be made to involve in the activities and programmes organised by the Academy.

“I also aim at bridging the gap between various communities using literary academies as a tool. ‘Sahithyadinda Sauhardathe’ (literature towards harmony) is an ambitious project that I have envisaged, which can be made possible with the co-operation of different academies,” he said.

Mohd Hanif has yet another ambitious project of publishing a comprehensive Beary-English-Kannada dictionary.

Hanif, hailing from Ullal has worked for Beary language in various capacities. Apart from writing several works including ‘Beary Andolanada Hejjegalu,’ and ‘Dharma Mathu Meesalathi,’ he is also the President of Kendra Beary Sahitya Parishat and Working President of AHINDA district unit.