BJP mislead youth, ruined life: Sorake

BJP mislead youth, ruined life: Sorake

BJP mislead youth, ruined life: Sorake

Urban Development Minister Vinay Kumar Sorake has said that the BJP has ruined the lives of youth by misleading them and isolating them in the name of religion, caste and faith.

Speaking after inaugurating the district women Congress convention on Saturday, the minister said that BJP should realise that voters are not commodities that can be segregated based on the beliefs and religion.

The Congress always upheld the principles of secularism and firmly believes in progress of the nation.

He said that development is something similar to the progress of labourers and farmers in rural areas, and development has nothing to do with caste and religion. He ridiculed that portraying Modi in the forefront is similar to the debate presented before the voters, whether or not to accept Mahatma assassin Nathuram Ghodse. 

Stating that the Congress is supporting the women empowerment by proposing reservation for women, the minister lamented that owing to the resistance from the opposition parties, the Bill could not be passed. If it was not the case, the women by now would have enjoyed reservation in parliamentary and assembly elections. He said the women should be given equal rights and opportunities in political scenario.

He added that as many as 95 promises out of 168 promises made in poll manifesto has been fulfilled within a span of eight months in Karnataka. BPL ration cards have been distributed without any hindrance in the district. 

Udupi-Chikmagalur MP Jayaprakash Hedge said that women are always in the upper hand when it comes to strengthening of the party owing to their dedication. He said women empowerment is the need of the hour. 

He also called upon the party workers to disseminate the message over various development programmes implemented by the UPA and state governments. 

MLA Pramodh Madhwaraj said as many as 61,000 families have received BPL cards in the district. The government has introduced ‘Manasvini Yojane’ to empower financially weak widows and unmarried women. 

Besides, the government has also waived off Ashraya loans up to Rs 1,500 crore. He ridiculed that industrialists are funding Narendara Modi’s campaigning.