The zigzag revolution

The zigzag revolution


From celestial skies to unicorn prints to zigzag patterns, digital print fashion is the growing rage among youngsters. Tops, dresses, skirts, leggings and every other item of clothing conceivable can be used as a medium while designs are aplenty in the markets.

Thanks to new technology, big florals, unlimited number of colours and bold graphics can replace the earlier trend of slogan

T-shirts and block prints. Not only does the technique make the clothes affordable and faster to manufacture but it’s also a way of wearing the art that one appreciates. Metrolife interacts with some students who are taking to this trend.

Perfect to express

Chaitra P, a final-year BA student of Jyoti Nivas College, says, “I like wearing digital prints because they are fun and playful in a very childlike way but still end up looking really good. More than just a garment, it feels like a form of expression because the design says a lot about the wearer’s thoughts and interests. It works well for casual outings and is a complete hipster look in itself.”

Avant-garde art

Nihal Kumble, a second-year BCom student of Presidency College, feels that digital prints work equally well for men and women. “According to me, digital prints are the next level of fashion! My passion for retro and love for the art world are translated into digital prints and these prints let me celebrate my individuality. The designs are usually funky and easy to mix and match, which act as a visual representation of my creative side. I usually go for unique avant-garde prints,” he notes.

Quirky prints

Vanhmingliani Hnamte, a final-year BA psychology student of Jyoti Nivas College, says, “I have always been a minimalist when it comes to dressing. But I love digital prints because they look daring and will never go out of fashion. The designs are futuristic and fun and I feel that they also represent my personality. I personally like quirky prints the most and prefer to wear tops with these prints. Digital leggings look pretty too but I’ve never tried them.”

Defining ‘me’

Mili Nair, a first-year BBM student of Presidency College, says, “I love to experiment and enjoy doing it with digital prints, big florals and neon colours. Digital prints not only look funky but also describe the real me in some ways based on the design. It’s not a clichéd look and one can be as creative as one wants with it. The trend is definitely here to stay because of its vast scope.”