Jewellery can do the talking

Jewellery can do the talking

Jewellery can do the talking

The accessories you sport have the power to convey what’s on your mind. They can express your spirit in myraid ways, reckons Ayesha Kapur.

Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling like purple? Or have you ever gotten dressed and then realised that you have subconsciously gone for a beach girl look? We all have a beach girl, a party girl and a funky girl within us. It’s accessories that help bring out those sides of us. The way you accessorise can tell a lot about your mood. Neon accessories could mean you are feeling bold and funky; dainty filigree accessories could mean you are feeling particularly girly.

Using accessories helps you feel more confident. It makes you stand out in a crowd. Placing a purple hat on a plain black or white outfit could completely transform your look, and tell the world that you don’t confirm to traditional ways of accessorising. A funky laptop bag, a floral hair band, or a statement neckpiece to go with your work clothes tells people that you are professional, but not boring.

Colours are a great way to express yourself. Wearing gold accessories could mean that you are going for a royal look, that you want to bring out the princess in you. Pink accessories might mean that you want to bring out the little girl in you, while black might mean that you are going all out for the punk look.

But colours are, of course, not all. Proportions and size matter, too. The choice between a large cocktail ring and a thin, delicate ring can make all the difference to what you want to express. A large cocktail ring is rather sexy, while a delicate ring represents a certain sensitive feminine charm.

Some accessory tips

n These days, metal accessories seem to be the rage. So for a night out or for a party, a white outfit with gold accessory, or a black outfit with silver accessory is a no-fail classic. Feel free to mix and match. Be a little experimental.

n Black and white accessories are another option. These are chic while not being too loud.

n If you want to take a walk on the wild side, neon accessorising is always a fun option. Neon shows people that you are funky, confident and hip.

n For a summer day, a late-morning brunch, or a day at the beach, the bohemian floral look will make you look young and buoyant. You could try a flowy wrap-around dress with flower accessories in your hair to complete the look.

n For a date, diamante jewellery or filigree jewellery are your best bets.

n For a formal occasion like a job interview or a business meeting, stick to diamante jewellery. They look classy, feminine and professional.

n If you are more of a punk chick, there are tons of accessory options available for you, too. Silver chains, spiky or studded jewellery and leather accessories can all be a part of your look.

n If you want to look funky, mix up punk jewellery with neon colours.

n Men can chuck boring stuff like  watches and gold chain. Show off your rugged or cool side, by wearing either leather or dark silver wristbands or neckpieces. Try a cap or a hat with your casual outfit to bring out the hip you.

At the end of the day, there are two rules to accessorising: One is that it should make you feel confident and the other is that you should be comfortable in it. The first rule is fulfilled almost automatically when we pick the accessories, but often, the second rule gets ignored. Always make sure that whatever it is you are wearing, it makes you feel comfortable. If your accessories discomfort you, then you will not be able to pull off the look you want to.

(The writer is the brand-face and spokesperson for Ayesha Accessories)