Waxing eloquent...

Waxing eloquent...

Waxing eloquent...

Interior décor is said to be the best when it is both functional and pleasing to the eye at the same time. Would you like to tickle additional senses with your décor? Candles have been a part of interior design for centuries now, considering that they had more of a functional necessity in the olden days. Today, candles when lit up have a way of brightening up even the most monotonous moments of your day.

Among the benefits of working with candles is the variety you have to choose from. From colour to shape to size and pattern, there is a wide range to suit every kind of décor theme. Moreover, candles may be used along with holders that are versatile décor pieces in themselves. From candle chandeliers to candelabras and candle holders, you will be amazed at what you will find.

Neha Arya, who sources exclusive décor items for homes on a regular basis, has always had an affinity for candle stands. She has used these in her home décor, both with and without candles, each time achieving beautiful results.

“There is no fixed rule on the choice of candle stands,” she says. “Whatever you find beautiful, you may include in your everyday décor,” she advises.

If you are looking to incorporate candles into your everyday décor, understanding their purpose in interior design may help. You may use candles to:

Enhance style quotient: Candles are available in a range of shapes, sizes and even fragrances. These may be housed in holders and votives of different makes. Put together, these candles may be used to enhance the style quotient of your home.

Give your dressing table a personal touch with floral or herbal candles. Glass jar candle holders in colour or plain as well as votives in the family room help with creating a relaxed atmosphere. 

Place scented candles at your doorway and make your guests feel special when they come in. Each season has a bouquet of scents associated with it. Choose from these aromas when you have to make a selection.

Create a mood: Designer candles may be used to set a mood for your home. Place floral or herbal scented candles on the walkway of your garden seating area for an evening with friends. Choose a spicy or even a citrus-based candle collection for your dining table. Branched candelabras make for the perfect table setting for an intimate dinner.

Lighting up for a party:Large dining tables may be lit up with chandeliers rather than crystal or glass versions that we are so familiar with. Placing these chandeliers directly over the dining table will provide an even throw of light. Depending on the kind of entertaining you are planning, these chandeliers may vary in size and shape.Neha, in fact, uses candles at the corners of her dining table when she is entertaining. Since the buffet table is the centre of focus, these candles at unobtrusive spots lend a delicate touch. 

A worry would be about wax drippings in such cases. It would be horrific to have something come down on your guests. “But that is not something to worry about these days,” assures Neha. Candle holders today are designed to prevent any wax from dripping outside of the holder. “In fact,” adds Neha, “dripping looks majestic, when the wax creates layers over a candle. It gives a classy look to your space.”

You may choose to go in for glass holders with candles that exude the fragrances of rose, jasmine as well as bergamot. Relaxed family weekend get-togethers get an added homely touch with apple & vanilla sugar-scented candles. 

Freshen up the air: One of the key benefits of using a candle is its ability to freshen the air around you instantly. Neha uses aroma candles only in her bathrooms to  give them an infusion of freshness. Rainy days are perfect for a citrus or berry- scented candle, which you may place around the house in clusters of different sizes.

Festive décor: Give your festive décor a whole new dimension with delicate, coloured glass holders. Place these amidst your floral decorations for depth. Add in scented candle trees in the corners of your home or in your prayer room to enhance the serenity of the space. Jasmine and rose create the perfect ambiance for meditation.

Candle-based décor gives you numerous possibilities to work with. You may create a work of art that you may illuminate when you need to. The best part about candles is that the holders you place them in are a visual treat even then they are not lit. Candles give you a great way to make up the canvas that is your home.