Holi hues may cause harm, caution docs

Holi hues may cause harm, caution docs

Holi hues may cause harm, caution docs

For revellers all set to celebrate Holi on Sunday, the festival of colours, doctors have a word of caution.

Speaking to Deccan Herald on the eve of Holi, Dr Lakshman Rao, Dermatologist, Bangalore Dermatological Society, on Saturday advised use of natural colours. “It is best if we can promote natural colours as they are less harmful,” he said.

For those who avoid stepping out, with the fear of being allergic to the colours, Dr Rao said: “It might not depend on the skin condition. Chemicals in these colours might act as irritants,” he said.

Considering that colours stay on the skin for a longer period of time, simple precautionary measures needed to be taken, he said. “One might apply coconut oil or body lotion to ensure they do not stick on,” Dr Rao added.

Dr Elan, Opthalmologist, Columbia Asia, said that oxides such as copper sulphate used in the colours are harmful to eyes.

Besides, mica granules which are used to add glitter to the Holi colours, cause allergic conjunctivitis and damage to cornea or other parts of the eye. In critical cases, cornea transplant could also be required, he added. 

As a precautionary measure, Dr Elan suggested, Anti- Histamines (non-sedative) could be used after consulting doctors. “In case the colour enters the eye by mistake, the affected person should wash the eye with warm purified water and rush to the specialist if irritation persists,” he said.

Several events are lined up across the City for the celebrations on Sunday. A festival for undergraduate and postgraduate students has been organised by the Students Magazine. Celebrities from Kannada film industry are likely to take part in the celebrations.