Quick 'n' easy cocktail party

Quick 'n' easy cocktail party

Here are some easy tips :

1. Plan ahead. Arrange the bar counter and snack table in opposite directions.
2. Keep a good reserve of ice. It’s required to keep the bottles of wine or champagne chilled as well as for serving drinks on the rocks.  
 3. Keep in mind your guest list and accordingly, keep the liquor ready.
4. Make sure you have glasses of all styles. There are wine glasses, beer mugs, juice, water and soda glasses, straight-sided highballs for tall drinks; tumblers for spirits and juices; and martini glasses.
5. Be creative and make something unique. Prepare a new cocktail and give it your own name.
6. Keep a good stock of plates and napkins.
7. Have enough variety of snacks. Keep them ready in a bowl or on plates.
8. Prepare some coffee for guests who may need a little assistance at the end of the party.
9. Play good music.
10. Have ample lighting and create a comfortable atmosphere.

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