'I am not obsessed with my body'

'I am not obsessed with my body'

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'I am not obsessed with my body'

Actor Varun Dhawan says that Bangalore is almost like his second home. He not only shot for his latest film Main Tera Hero almost entirely in Bangalore, but also hops in and out of the City quite often to meet his extended family.

Varun made his debut with Karan Johar’s ‘Student of the Year’ and has already got a substantial role in his second film  Main Tera Hero in which he plays a character called Srinath Prasad. “Yes, I play a South Indian boy in the film who is street-smart yet has an element of innocence. It’s a wacky role for which I was even expected to break into an impromptu song,” Varun tells Metrolife.

The young actor is no trained singer but he attended a few music classes to get his tune and notes in place. “I am a bathroom singer and never dare to sing before anybody. But I’ve broken out of that mould in this film,” shares Varun.

Varun found his role in Main Tera Hero quite challenging. “Imagine being given the task of taking control of an entire situation in the presence of veteran actors. Playing the lead and working towards proving myself as an actor drove me insane,” he confesses.

He even had an injury while shooting for the film. “I took one of my stunt sequences pretty seriously and that’s how I landed up with a back injury and was in bed for a couple of weeks. But I got back on my feet faster than I thought I would,” he adds.

Varun thinks that he is fortunate to have a father like David Dhawan who gives him the creative freedom to choose his projects. “My parents have given me the freedom to chart my career and make my own choices. If I see something creative, I can sign on the dotted line without a second thought,” notes Varun.

Like all men his age, is he also obsessed with his body and sporting a six-pack? “No, I am not obsessed with my body but I work to either gain weight or lose weight depending on the character,” he states.
 Varun has already started work on his next project Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania in which he plays a Punjabi boy.

“I am a Punjabi and this film gave me a chance to connect with my home territory — Punjab,” he says. Varun has also been hand-picked to play a substantial role in ‘ABCD2.’