Indian Universities, Air India fly high

Indian Universities, Air India fly high

The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) thrashed Andhra Pradesh 7-1, while Air India Sports Promotion Board (AISPB) beat Services Sports Control Board (SSCB) 3-0 in Pool A matches of the fourth Hockey India Senior men’s National Championship here on Monday.

In the opening match of Pool A, Harasahib Singh (2nd, 15th, 67th) scored a hat-trick, while Satinder Dalal (24th, 44th) and Gagandeep Singh (57th, 60th) found the net twice each For AIU.

For Andhra Pradesh Naga Srinu (6th) scored the consolation goal.

In the second game of Pool A, AISPB rode on goals from Osaf Ur Rehman (10th), Gaganpreet Singh (23rd) and Shivendra Singh (36th) to get ther better of SSCB.

Pool B too witnessed one-sided encounters as Comptoller & Auditor General of India crushed Madhya Pradesh 7-0, while Punjab beat Sports Authority of India (SAI) 4-0.

In Pool C, Odisha too coasted to comfortable 4-0 win over hosts Bhopal.Results: Pool A: Association of Indian Universities: 7 (Harasahib Singh 2nd, 15th, 67th, Satinder Dalal 24th, 44th, Gagandeep Singh 57th, 60th) bt Andhra Pradesh: 1 (Naga Srinu 6th).

Air India Sports Promotion Board: 3 (Osaf Ur Rehman 10th, Gaganpreet Singh 23rd, Shivendra Singh 36th) vs Services Sports Control Board: 0.

Pool B: Comptoller & Auditor General of India: 7 (Balwinder Singh 3rd, Azam Baig 9th, Dyan Singh 23rd, Siddharth Shanker 30th, Chinnaappa Rao 55th, Darshan D S 57th, Imran Khan 60th) bt Madhya Pradesh: 0.

Punjab: 4 (Gurvinder Singh 11th, Lovepreet Singh 46th, Rajpal Singh 51st, Harpreet Singh 62nd) bt Sports Authority of India: 0.

Pool C: Odisha: 4 (Dilip Toppo 17th, Joseph Toppo 44th, Rajin Kandula 52nd, Pawan Malik 68th) bt Bhopal: 0.