Alert engine driver averts tragedy

Alert engine driver averts tragedy

The passengers, especially daily commuters, travelling by Chamundi Express towards Bangalore, on Monday, were affected as the train was halted for more than half-an-hour at Nidaghatta, near Maddur, as a breach was observed on the railway track.

It is said that the train that left Mysore for Bangalore on scheduled experienced a rattling sound when it approached Nidaghatta around 9 am.

The alert engine driver, who observed the sound, immediately stopped the train. He later, got down from the train and checked the track only to find a two inch wide crack.


He immediately contacted senior officials and lodged a complaint. The workmen, who were involved in the works related to laying of double railway track in Maddur were summoned, and the railway line was repaired.

Hence, there was a delay of 45 minutes for the Chamundi Express to reach Bangalore. The passengers greeted the alert engine driver, who averted a major tragedy and saved hundreds of lives.