Carve your unique path

Carve your unique path

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Carve your unique path
Dear Sir,
I am studying II PUC (Karnataka state board) and will finish my board exams by the end of March. I want to do an engineering course which is different and creative, where we can demonstrate our own knowledge and show our talents and creativity in the particular field. I would rather prefer some good course which would be interesting and enthusiastic to do and to study. Please guide toward my career so as to choose which course in engineering.
A student

Dear Student,
Very nice to see your enthusiasm to do something different.  If you keep up this attitude, you will certainly be able to carve out a new and unique path for yourself.  But do be aware that this path will be more difficult, requiring harder work and patience till success comes your way.  On the horizon are the fields of nano-technology, robotics, mecha-tronics that offer new challenges.  Other existing fields that are different from the most popular ones are: biomedical, medical electronics, environmental, and biotechnology engineering. Choose carefully based on your interest, subjects you are good at, and the college offering the particular course.  Once you have graduated you can consider taking up courses like M Des (Master of Industrial Design) in reputed institutions like IIT Bombay, or similar courses in National Institute of Design (NID) or National Institute of Creative Communication (NICC) to strengthen your creative talent.

Dear sir,
I am a dental student doing my internship in a private institution. It has always been my dream to serve the people of my country in whatever way possible. Now that I am interested in civil services, a question arising in my mind is whether to jump to this or pursue post graduation in Public Health Dentistry as I feel this background  would provide me with better prospectives, helping me pursue my goal in civil services. I have no issues of studying for another 3 years and then jump to the civil services and so are my parents. Kindly enlighten me more about this.

Dear Shruthi
It is very nice that you are willing to study higher, as it will give you better prospects of progress later in life.  Do take up Public Health Dentistry, as it suits your desire to serve the common man. You will be able to do meaningful work in preventing dental decay among poor people or children. Simultaneously, while preparing for Civil Services exam, you can also apply to the Military which takes qualified dentists as commissioned officers through their own entrance exam.

Dear sir,
I am just completed 11th standard in CBSE. After completion of my 12th standard, I want to go Robotical engineering but I don't know about courses and colleges which offers robotical engineering. Is it possible become a Robotical Engineer through BSc stream?
Abhishek R Reddy

Dear Abhishek,
Robotics is based on hardcore technology, hence it has to be taken up through the engineering stream.  There are very few engineering institutes in India right now that offer it at degree level (such as IIT Delhi, Kanpur, Bombay, Madras, Roorkee, IIIT Hyderabad, University of Hyderabad, MS University Baroda, BITS Pilani, Sathya Sai Institute, PSG College Coimbatore, SRM Univ Kancheepuram, but many more offer this specialization at Post-graduation.  You will be eligible for the post-graduate course if you complete your engineering in mechanical, electrical, electronics, mecha-tronics, computer science and allied branches.
Dear Sir,
I had completed my engineering and working with a top MNC for the last 2+ years, I had great admiration and interest towards English language and want to do MA in English through part time or distance education program. Can you please provide me the requested information like which universities offer the same and what are the course details and everything?
Ankita Dhruv

Dear Ankita,
Many engineers do well when they take up language proficiency.  In technology too there are opportunities such as technical writing, documentation, translations, staff training etc. There are a wide variety of universities offering distance education post-graduation in English, and eligibility is a degree in any stream. You can apply to the reputed Central University of English and Foreign Languages (, Annamalai (, or even apply for a course offered by British Council (, or

Dear Sir, 
I am a student studying in my 2nd year B Com and I would like to know apart from MBA, CA, ICWA and other accounts related subjects, what other courses can I take up after my B Com? 
Dear Sampath, 
B Com students who are not particular about pursuing accounts related fields, can opt for military, para-military or civil services, mass communication, software development, technical writing, law, marketing and allied fields, public relations, social work, travel and tourism, various fields of management, etc. Do ensure that you take up a field in which you have interest and aptitude so that you will do well in it.

Dear Sir, 
I am a II PU student. As I had health problems I could not study properly and am not confident of getting good marks. So I am thinking of taking exams in October. I also want to take up AIEEE and IIT exams. Will the exams taken up in October be considered as a negative mark in future in terms of getting employment. Do they consider candidates who have passed in April better than those who have passed in October. If yes, do I have to wait for a year? 
A student, Bangalore 

Dear student,
Since you have to take up PUC exams in October due to unavoidable reasons, it will not affect your future career and you can always explain the reason to your future employers.

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