'Spurned lover' stabs BTC computer operator to death

'Spurned lover' stabs BTC computer operator to death

Race Course was teeming with people when murder occurred

'Spurned lover' stabs BTC computer operator to death

A 26-year-old female computer operator at the Bangalore Turf Club (BTC) died on Thursday afternoon after being stabbed multiple times allegedly by a cab driver whose sexual advances she had spurned. The BTC was teeming with people when the ghastly murder occurred.

Sunitha, the deceased, was allegedly driven into a corner by the suspect, Dhanraj, while she was on her way to the BTC around 1.30 pm. He tried to talk to her but she ignored him. An enraged Dhanraj pulled out a kitchen knife and stabbed her at least 15 times even as scores of people watched in horror, police said.

As a profusely bleeding Sunitha collapsed, passersby and a traffic police constable chased and caught Dhanraj. They thrashed him while others took Sunitha to a hospital but she did not survive, police added. Dhanraj was later arrested and given first aid.
Sunitha, a resident of Kempegowda Nagar, had been married to Kumar for eight years and had a seven-year-old child. Dhanraj, also married and father of two children, was a family friend of Sunitha’s.

Of late, Sunitha realised that Dhanraj was making advances to her. He even pestered her to marry him.

Upset with his overtures, she began avoiding him. She even rebuked him and asked him to stay away from her. Dhanraj, police said, did not heed her warning and continued to stalk her.

But a senior police officer said that the exact motive for the murder was not known yet. Sunitha had been working for the BTC for the last three years. An inter-venue betting on a race in Mumbai was in progress at the BTC when the murder occurred. Dhanraj is from Avalahalli, off Mysore Road.