Short & Sweet plays wow City's theatre buffs

Short & Sweet plays wow City's theatre buffs

The third edition of micro theatre or ‘Short & Sweet’ theatre festival has returned to Bangalore with a mixed melange of plays. 

An Australian concept, which debuted in Bangalore in 2011, these plays are currently on at Rangoli Metro Art Centre on M G Road and will go on till April 5.

Keeping with its theme, each play is about 10-minute long and is an exhibition of creative and experimental acumen of performers and production values. 

According to Festival Co-ordinator Anita Mithra, each day of the festival, a panel of undisclosed judges sit amid audience and rate each play, leading to the grand finale of plays with the highest score on the final day.

Besides providing a platform for those who want to test the waters, according to Mithra, the format allows for new concepts, scripts and ideas. It also provides a platform for playwrights, directors and actors across age groups to collaborate and exchange thoughts on productions, she said. 

This year, while 60 entries were received, it has been vetted down to 30 plays, she added. 

The ‘Short & Sweet’ çoncept saw its genesis at Newtown Theatre, Australia, in 2002, when Mark Cleary decided to curate 10-minute plays running back-to-back.Short & Sweet has since expanded to include dance, music forms, and has spanned internationally to seven countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, besides Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore in India.


Among participating teams included Punch Tantraa with Shorter and Sweeter, Crea-Shakti from Chennai with Hand to Yourself, about a boy and girl with the unique characteristic of talking through soft puppets, Break A Leg by Natakist Group, The Speech by Puck n Co, An Honest Question by ASAP Productions, The Crowded Heart by Center Stage et al.