Super specialists

Super specialists

We have several of those, although a bit humble and not so academically qualified.Years ago my brother-in-law, a paediatrician, left the Indian shores for the United Kingdom to specialise in “Neonatology.” Until such time I was in the dark about such a branch of medicine.

Yet, not wanting to wallow in my ignorance, I did some research to find out that it was a super-specialisation of a specialist, when a child-specialist graduates many notches in his doctor’s profession to provide specialised care for the development of new born babies and the treatment of their diseases.

Much later, I realised that back in our country we have several super-specialists albeit a bit humble and not so academically qualified. However, they are super-specialists alright, as you will see what I mean.

When my daughter was born almost two decades ago, several challenges stared me on my face with regard to providing care for the tiny bundle of joy. Just as I was overwhelmed with these sudden responsibilities in life, these super-specialists came to my assistance. From giving the baby a shower to trimming the nails, the grace with which they handled the new born baby is a super-speciality.

Another variety of the super-specialists are the road side eatery vendors selling the mouth watery “parotas” for our aam admies. The style with which they can toss up the slippery batter high in the air and roll them into several layers before giving them the perfect circular shape is world-class. These ‘master-chefs’ from humble quarters of the social order certainly do not end up being aired on satellite television. Even so, they are truly classy and worthy of being super-specialists.

Indian drivers are another group, who can proudly be called super-specialists. This truth hit me like a thunder bolt while on a recent errand I undertook. After finishing my work and reaching the car park, my heart skipped several beats to find another car parked so close to mine that I could not say where the body of my car ended and the other began. Feigning the usual nature’s call break, the security guarding the place was as clueless as me, as to how and who could be responsible for such ridiculous parking.

I was soon hit by the reality that I was stuck in the place until this ‘driving genius’ came and found a way to remove his car. At that moment, walked this angel, like our Amitabh Bachchan jumping from nowhere into the scene of action. An unassuming chauffer of a super luxury car parked in the vicinity came up, took my keys and in no time made those delicate, impossible manoeuvres to pull out my car and myself from a tight spot!