Power of words

Power of words

Words when spoken, seem to wield enormous power, impact the listener and trigger a range of emotions, set of responses and actions. Whether the impact created is positive or negative, desirable or undesirable depends upon the choice of words, type and depth of relationship between the speaker and the listener, context, their mental make-up, level of perception, prejudices if any with regard to the person and or the subject matter of the talk, the body language  and so.

But the choice of words, tone and body language play a major part. Even if the talk is over the phone or through a medium of non-verbal communication, words have the power of impacting.

Right from the tender age of 1-2 years, we start speaking and continue to do so till we die. Probably when we get into our teens, we start realising the power of words and this understanding matures with age. When indiscreet, harsh and thoughtless words are used, even without any malice, the impact is likely to be negative and may result in loss of valuable relationships nurtured for years. It instantaneously creates bad blood and breeds animosity.

Once words are put out, there is no option of withdrawal. No matter how hard we try, toothpaste once out of the tube, cannot be squeezed back. May be we make amends later by apologising. But it still leaves a scar. It is because intent, to begin with is judged by the words we speak. And words can hurt and hurt very badly. Every human being yearns for comfort and ease and looks forward to it when in the company of other humans.

We, the human beings are the only species gifted with the power of speech. Words are powerful enough to resolve hardcore disputes and can bring people closer. It can spread cheer and happiness all around. Are we discreet enough in using this power to promote friendship and to create warmth, peace, harmony and bliss? A penny for your thoughts!