Inept Cong led to Modi's rise: Prof Mathew

Inept Cong led to Modi's rise: Prof Mathew

Inept Cong led to Modi's rise: Prof Mathew

On Tuesday, the sound system at the Indian Social Institute at Benson Town Cross Road was not functioning properly. But that did not come in the way of the speaker to reach out to his audience. His roaring voice was heard clearly even outside the hall as he spoke authoritatively.

On the podium was Aam Aadmi Party’s candidate for Bangalore North, Prof Babu Mathew, addressing a handful of people in his distinct style leaving the audience mesmerised.

“The inept and corrupt Congress has led to the rise of Narendra Modi in the national arena.
 What is the use of an honest prime minister who has turned a blind eye to the open loot of natural gases and resources?,” said Mathew referring to the ‘vicious nexus’ between the powerful people in the government and the Ambanis.

As he wound up his speech with a fervent appeal to donate for the party, there was a queue of donors.

The rookie party has pitted Mathew, a gold medallist and a luminary from the National School of Law University, against BJP heavyweight and former chief minister D V Sadananda Gowda and Congress’ C Narayanaswamy.

In an interaction with Deccan Herald, Mathew said, “We are conducting padayatras, roadshows and street plays and approaching people through the social media. The response is unprecedented. The body language, the facial expression and the affection people show us is extraordinary. There is tremendous amount of sympathy for AAP.”

But will that translate into votes? “I think so, because people are fed up with the traditional parties and they want an option,” says an optimistic Mathew.

Financial crunch

The party is facing a financial crunch but has not held back its programmes for lack of funds. “The biggest strength is our party activists who work voluntarily,” said Mathew.

An impression has been created that AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal has run away from his responsibility in Delhi. It false propaganda spread by AAP’s rivals, he said. “Let people spread lies as much as they can, but only truth will prevail. If our fight is for a just and noble cause, we will win,” he said.