Traditional doesn't have to be old-fashioned!

Traditional doesn't have to be old-fashioned!


Traditional doesn't have to be old-fashioned!
There are many ways to wear a saree – Bengali, Gujarati, Maharashtrian, etc., and all these styles have a different appeal and allure of their own. 

Although wearing a saree is said to be a time-consuming task, it is still the first pick, especially as a formal/traditional wear, for an Indian woman.
There are women who drape a saree as easily as peeling a banana and plough through the day, doing multiple things without the drape coming apart and there are some others who can barely make it from their bedroom to the drawing room, without tripping over their pleats!
However, all these ‘mishaps’ have not stopped any of us from draping a saree!
And thanks to our diversified tradition and the constantly transforming and open-to-experimentation fashion industry, we are kept up-to-date with new-age and innovative ways to drape a saree. 

The latest being the ‘saree-jeans’, where you drape the magical six yards on a pair of jeans instead of a traditional petticoat!

So, from where has this trend of wearing sarees on jeans come? 

According to designer Kiran Uttam Ghosh,“The saree over a jeans or a trouser look, stems from the need to simplify. It is efficient, easy to wear and it keeps the key ingredients intact. For a woman who is always on the go, it is a godsend. It’s easier to slip on pants and tuck in the saree as a chunni drape, pair it with a polo neck, wear a belt and you’re ready to go.” 

“The saree is a timeless piece which has been gifted to the Indian women. They are classic, elegant, always exciting and interesting in details. Plus you can drape it in so many ways to make it not boring,”  she adds.

For a day to night look, instead of wearing the usual Indian choli, pair the saree-trouser with a polo or round neck sleek simple choli. 
One can also wear it with a crisp shirt. 

Jeans/trousers are definitely the new formula to looking fabulous in a saree. 
Many girls who wish to drape the six yards but find it cumbersome to wear it the traditional way, i.e. over a petticoat have found this innovative way to flaunt their drape hugely exciting.
Another designer Ekta Dhingra, says, “Wearing a saree over jeans is more fun and contemporary. It is a great fusion between Indian and western wear. Jeans add to the oomph factor and helps a woman stand out in a party. Saree-jeans are great for 
slim and tall girls as they can easily show their waistline and their figure. Just team it with a tube top, halter or a blackless blouse and you are all set to go!”

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