'I don't mind waiting for the right script'

'I don't mind waiting for the right script'

Strong resolve

Kannada actress Sindhu Loknath has completed four projects. But she’s a little reluctant to sign a new script. 

Sindhu reasons that she has been acting with only newcomers and she now yearns to do something more than just ordinary roles. 

“I am busy with the promotions of my film Endhendhu Ninagaagi. I haven’t signed any other script because I am not really happy with the kind of roles that are coming my way. I’ve been in the film industry for four years now and I think it’s high time that I began acting with some big names in a project that is worth my time and talent. I don’t mind waiting for the right script,” Sindhu tells Metrolife. 

Sindhu confesses that whenever her film releases, she gets calls from popular directors but wonders why when it comes to project, she always ends up getting stuck with a new team and freshers.
“I want to work with a director who can bring out the best in me. I haven’t really found such a person. I hope something good comes my way,” she reasons.    

Sindhu has had the chance to play very contrasting characters in all her projects. 
In Endhendhu Ninagaagi, she plays a very timid and shy girl. 

“I play an educated girl who is scared at the thought of living in a city. Everything about city life frightens her. She is so shy that people end up mocking her,” explains Sindhu. 

Sindhu confesses that she is a lively person, talkative and full of life. 

“Trying to be someone I am not was indeed quite challenging. I devoted a large part of my time to be someone I am not,” she states. 

Sindhu feels that after her character in ‘Case No 18/9’ was the next big challenge 
after her role in Endhendhu Ninagaagi. 

In her next project, ‘Love in Mandya’, Sindhu plays a village girl and in Jai Bajarangi she essays the character of an NRI girl. 

Sindhu has been paired with actor Anish in at least four projects and the two make for an excellent pair on screen. 
“I am comfortable working with people who I know more as friends than just co-stars,” she sums up.