'Spare Me' girl turns into a singer

Switching careers
Last Updated 08 April 2014, 14:43 IST
Spare Me’ and ‘Talk to my hand’, put those two expressions together, and who comes to your mind? You bet! Pooja Misrra, the outspoken participant of Bigg Boss 5 edition. |

The VJ-cum-model, reality TV star, item dancer and fashion designer, is embarking upon a new journey as she speaks to Metrolife on the launch of her song at Pangea, the Ashok recently.
Well, no marks for guessing what the song is called, it’s Spare Me! 

“Spare has become synonymous to my actual name. Even when I travel for shows abroad, people come backstage and ask me if I am the ‘spare me’ girl,” humours Pooja. 

Her song, which she has penned herself, speaks of an ideology of sorts, she elaborates, “‘Spare me’ is an attitude. 

For instance it speaks of a situation when one is forced into a marriage, and what he/ she does is that they put their hands together and make a call for sanity.” 

The newly turned singer rues that, “Reality TV operates on the principle of cut rating. They edit as per their convenience to raise ratings. My song is a lashing back at all my detractors, it is to set the record straight. The second time I appeared for a reality TV show, Welcome-Baazi Mehmaan-Nawaazi Ki, I was again pushed into reacting, but it was disappointment for them as I didn’t let out any outburst. But once you get a branding in a reality show, it sustains. I hope my song redeems me from that vicious cycle.” 

About switching careers, she says, “I am a workaholic. No boyfriends, totally single, with a focus on job. In that way, I have a tendency to get bored of doing a single thing, I abhor stagnancy, so I continuously look out for newer avenues.”

While she launches her first single, she’s busy working on her first men’s clothesline. 

“It’s a range of Men’s tuxedos and I am venturing into the men’s clothing territory for the 
first time.” 

So many firsts at one go! To that she says, “I am an adventurer and explorer. Do not ask me what I want to do next. I want to be remembered as a girl who is always up to something new.”
(Published 08 April 2014, 14:43 IST)

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