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Dear Sir,
My daughter is currently studying in diploma in architecture ie in final year 6th sem , as she is interested  to pursue for Barch .., on the same hand i am  totally perplexed whether let her  proceed with Barch or let her do job on diploma itself...? 

As i came to know that there is no lateral entry for diploma students and she cannot even take admission in other department then architecture.

As this is allowed for other department students.. my daughters one entire year is wasting just because of no lateral entry. 

She regreting a lot for taking admission in diploma in architecture. She is okay in her drawing but not prefect,  some circumstances did not let her to do computer science, as there were no seats @ the time of admissions, she was not interested in architecture department as she dont posses those qualities, but her drawings have been improved in process of Darch, she is quite upset after hearing from her seniors that NATA exam is too difficult, she is distinction student from 2nd sem, and 2nd college topper .. she made me very proud,but now her self confidence in totally broken.

Is NATA exam very difficult to pass..??  please assist me in paving her right path

Asmara Khan

Dear Asmara
I can understand your disappointment and pain due to your daughter’s dilemma. 

If she is not very keen on architecture it may not be worth her going through 5 more years of study to acquire a degree. 

Moreover, as you said, she herself does not have an interest in that field. 
She can however use her creative talent to move into computer graphics, game design, multimedia, web-page design etc where drawing skills are not very important. 

If necessary ask her to take up a job after completion of Diploma to get a feel of the working world, and then she can decide her future.  

Her diploma will not go waste, do encourage her that she has many options, and she can decide slowly after getting to know what she is good at and what interests her.

Dear sir,
I am studying B Com, interested in advertisement and working on film industry so what can I do after completion of my B Com?
Ganesh GT

Dear Ganesh,

You can use your degree as a base to get into post-graduate studies in mass communication, or specifically in advertising.  

Since you do not have exposure to the advertising or film industry, it may be better if you first take up at least a one year PG Diploma in Communication, specializing in electronic media. 

 That will give you an all-round knowledge about the field, after which you can choose your specialization and where you would like to work.  
A few of the reputed institutions are listed here: Jamia Millia (ajkmcrc.org), Apeejay Delhi (apeejay.edu/aimc), Asian Clg Chennai (asianmedia.org), Express Inst Delhi (exims.in), FTII ((ftiindia.com), IndiaCan Education Delhi (indiacan.com), Mudra (mica.ac.in), Iiof Journ & New Media (iijnm.org),  IndInst of Mass Comm Delhi (iimc.nic.in), NDTV Delhi (ndtvmi.com), SatyajitRay Kolkata (srfti.gov.in), Sophia Mumbai (scmsophia.com), Xavier Mumbai (xaviercomm.org)

Dear Sir
I am a 27yrs B Com, B PEd graduate who wants to persue her career in the field of physical education. 

Please suggest me if M P Ed is the only field that I can persue further. Please do suggest other options. 
I will be able to do further studies through distance only. Kindly suggest the courses and institutions offering the same.
Swapna Bhaskaran

Dear  Swapna
It is good that you are aiming for higher studies in the fast expanding field of physical education and sports.  

While many sports-persons aim for championships and then fizzle out, not many realize that a good education in this field can make a professional out of you and you can have a career which you enjoy, while earning well. 

Professional courses are offered by institutions such as National University of Physical Education (www.lnipe.nic.in), Ramachandra University (www.sriramachandra.edu.in), Chennai, Sports Authority of India (www.sportsauthorityofindia.nic.in). 
Since physical Education is a very practical field, it may be better if you could take time off to do a full-time contact program in a reputed institute.  

Some of them offer a stipend also.

Dear Sir,
I am a BE (E&C) student. I am a distinction student since primary school. 

It has been my dream to be a scientist/researcher and serve my country. Please tell me about PG courses related to Nanotechnology. 

I am not from financially sound background (doing BE with help of scholarship), so kindly also tell about scholarships/ financial help I can get for PG.

Dear SSM
It is heartening to see your passion backed up with hard work that has resulted in distinction at every stage of your studies.  

Nanotechnology is gaining ground as a science of the future, and is now being offered at PG level in a number of colleges all over the country. 

It would be better if you could aim for government institutions like IITs, NITs, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (www.jntuh.ac.in) etc. because you will be entitled to a stipend while you study.  

Some of the private universities like Amity, Amrita, Jamai Milia, VIT Vellore (www.vit.ac.in) also give selected scholarships to distinction students. 

Try and get a good score in GATE, (www.gate.iitkgp.ac.in/gate2014/) which will open doors for you in the best institutions.

Dear Sir,
I am studying my engineering in (E & C). I am an average student, and trying hard to study this branch. 

I feel insecure when I think about myself. All this made me to loose one year of my studies.
I will be pursuing 3rd year in June. I’m worried aboutwhether or not I’ll have a job in future. Please help me through this branch for 2 more years.

Dear Vincent,
Even though you have lost a year, it is good to see your determination to complete the course. 

You are now past the half-way mark, and you may practice these methods to complete your course successfully:  Study the topic that is going to be taught before you attend the lectures, Survey the entire topic/chapter to understand all that it covers and how it connects to previous and succeeding chapters, Keep a systematic, regular time table, Revise periodically even if you think you know the topic  and take the help of teachers, seniors or classmates by marking off what you do not understand and asking them to clarify. 
Also, make plans of your future, preferably using your engineering degree to get into non-technical fields such as management, HR, administration, communication, whatever you are good at and will enjoy doing for the rest of your life. 

This will bring back your motivation and ensure that you make a good future.

Dear Sir,
I am a Second PUC student. 
I want to do Hotel Management, but I don’t know what courses are offered in a BHM programme. 

I want to be a chef on a cruise liner. 

I also want to start restaurants in future. I am planning to do a BHM course. 

Dear Aravind
Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) course is offered by various colleges and Universities. 

Large hotel chains also have their own training programmes for their internal rectruitment. 

Government-run Institute of Hotel Management has several branches. 
Hotel Management is a professional course that covers areas such as production, marketing, housekeeping, banquets, finance, maintenance, front office etc. 

Admission (mostly through entrance exams) is open to anyone who has completed 10+2 with any optional subject. 

After completing a degree in Hotel Management, you may go in for a specialisation in the field of your choice, in India or abroad. 

You  have a very good chance of getting a job on a cruise liner. 

Dr Ali Khwaja is the founder and chairman of Banjara Academy. 
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