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Last Updated 11 April 2014, 15:29 IST

An engineer by profession, S Gopinath is a die-hard foodie. He stumbled upon plenty of restaurants in the City serving biryani but none tasted as well as it should be. This is what prompted him to open ‘Biryani Delicacy’ and serve people the real biryani.

Located near Cox Town, the eatery has customers who swear by its taste, hygiene and ambience. And Gopinath is on his toes ensuring that the taste, quality and service is not compromised. “Nothing must go amiss. It’s not about the price or profit, it’s just that I want people to come back for more,” says Gopinath.

‘Biryani Delicacy’ has its exclusive dishes. The biryani served here is Ambur Biryani which is mostly cooked over firewood. Gopinath says, “I always taste the dishes before they are served to customers. The food has to rise up to a particular standard and it must be served in an attractive way,” he informs.

This eatery is most popular for its biryani, be it chicken, mutton or egg. For those who only want the rice and not the pieces, there’s the plain biryani rice, which is served without the meat.

About the process of cooking, Gopinath says, “The biryani is cooked over firewood. The cooking process is slow so that the masala is absorbed into the meat and this leaves a tangy after-taste. We cook it the way dum biryani is cooked. It is popular with most biryani lovers and that’s exactly what we give them,” explains Gopinath.

The biryani is always cooked in less oil. It comes with three accompaniments — raita, sweet and gravy. “The chicken and mutton biryani are popular with people. We cook it over firewood and I think that makes all the difference,” reasons Gopinath.

He adds, “The pricing is reasonable, considering that we get the best meat, be it chicken or mutton, which is expensive. We use ghee and sunflower oil, which are among the best in the market,” he adds.
In addition to biryani, there’s also fish fry and chicken dry items. “Our customers comprise students and office-goers who hop in for a quick lunch. We also have families who come in and walk away with a parcel. There’s provision for people to sit down and eat,” he adds.

The chicken biryani is priced at Rs 140, mutton biryani at Rs 170 and egg biryani at Rs 120. It’s not just the taste that’s attractive, even the pricing is reasonable, point out the regulars. Sakshi Gupta, who lives in Cox Town, brings her kids to the eatery.
“My kids eat well only when they come here.

Less oil is used here and the food doesn’t leave a burning sensation. The meat is soft and cooked well,” says Sakshi. The eatery is located at No 26, Splendid Plaza, LG No 4, Wheelers Road, Cox Town. For details, call 9886277633.

(Published 11 April 2014, 15:29 IST)

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