When a picture was truly worth a thousand words

When a picture was truly worth a thousand words

When a picture was truly worth a thousand words
Nature in Focus’, an exhibition held at the Rangoli Metro Art centre, focussed on creating an awareness about nature and appreciating it in its true form. 

The exhibition created a platform for avid wildlife photographers to showcase their work and featured both veteran and budding photographers. 

Each shot at the exhibition was a great one and showcased some unseen, rare shots of the creatures of the wild.
The event featured works of photographers like Kalyan Varma, Rohit Varma, Nitin Vyas, Sandeep Mall, Bindu Gopinath, Clement Francis M, Bikash Behera, Shraddha Ghai, Chetan Rao, Yashpal Singh Arya and Sankran Balaji.

Some of the snaps portrayed wildlife at its best and focussed not only on the animals, but also the landscape.
Visitors could be seen taking a keen look at the pictures. Many even left comments thanking the photographers and organisers for presenting these rare shots to them. 
The pictures showcased a variety of species like tiger, leopard, lion, cheetah, elephant, wild dog — dhol, eagle and hawks, with the underlining message that these animals are best in the wild.
People of all age groups attended the programme. While some were interested in the big cat, others liked the birds. 
Shravan, a teenager, who was present with his parents, was quite excited. “I wonder what it will be like to actually see these animals in the wild. If they look so majestic in the pictures, imagine how great they will look in the wild. The exhibition is really nice and the pictures are unique,” he said. 
Many wildlife and photography enthusiasts were also present at the exhibition.
Some even wanted to meet the photographers in person to know more about how they took these pictures.
“Some of the moments captured are very rare and I am sure the story behind how they got the shot would also be very interesting. It would have been great if the photographers were here one day to share their experiences. The pictures are amazing and each one is different and has a story to tell."

More such exhibitions should be held for the city dwellers,” said Naveen, another visitor.