'Amaan and I never rehearse'

'Amaan and I never rehearse'

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'Amaan and I never rehearse'

Good-looking and talented Ayaan Ali Khan, the youngest son of sarod maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, may have broken the hearts of many girls when he tied the knot last year, but he still manages to make millions smile when he plays music.

In the City to play at the Chivas Studio 2009, the talented young man spoke to Metrolife about his passion for music, his writing skills and his fondness for films. Ayaan was keen on making his debut on the silver screen, which didn’t happen unfortunately. “Both my brother Amaan and I were involved in it. We even learnt horse-riding and polo for it, but there were some issues,” he laments.

However, lots is happening in Ayaan’s life otherwise. His second book 50 Maestros, 50 Recordings will be out soon. “The publishing house gave Amaan and me the privilege of choosing 50 best works of Indian classical music. These are the icons and the monumental jewels of music,” he exclaims. “There is a CD with the book as well, so those who cannot read the book can listen to the CD,” he smiles. Plus, a tour of Europe is also on the cards.

Ayaan is also excited about his album with his brother called Music Room. “It’s an international project, where we have collaborated with many talented artistes. Like there is an interesting collaboration with American folk artiste Carrie Newcomer.”

Speaking of collaborations, what does he think of the music-based reality shows these days, that make artistes jam or collaborate? “A collaboration should be rich in terms of content. It should not just be about artistes jamming and making a noise,” he opines. Personally, Ayaan loves listening to all forms of music especially classical and lounge. “Of late, I liked the tracks of Wake Up Sid.”

Ayaan admits that he never rehearses with his brother. “Whatever we do, happens on stage,” he says. “Besides, it’s more important to know the person you are collaborating with.” Is his father critical of their music? “Not really,” he answers. “His teaching is more to do with reverse psychology.”

Is it true that Ayaan’s wife Neema is a great fan of his? He says modestly, “She has a nice ear for music.” But he laughs as he adds, “She is a fan of mainly three people, my father, my brother and I.”

Ayaan feels that every individual should be aware of Indian music. “It’s unfortunate if a person comes into this world and goes without knowing the beauty of Indian classical music,” he feels.

Though Ayaan is sad that his debut film didn’t take off, he hasn’t lost hope when it comes to acting. “It did leave me sad as I wanted to do it for myself. There was a mild bitterness, but I have the magical 12 notes of music in my life and I am so thankful to God for giving that to me,” he signs off.