Now, aquariums at home are more than a fad

Now, aquariums at home are more than a fad

Now, aquariums at home are more than a fad

The trend of rearing fish in aquariums appears to be catching fast in the City. So much so that exotic species of the aquatic animal brought from foreign countries are being housed in huge tanks in houses.

The fish are unique not only on account of superstitious beliefs attached with them, but also due to their medicinal value.

Laukik Soman of Laukik Creations, an aquarium seller, said the demand for aquariums in the City has increased over the last couple of years and particularly over the last few months.
People, irrespective of their age and profession, purchase varied fish species.

It was just a hobby earlier, but now people are interested in details such as species, their importance, pairing pattern and food needed. Aquariums of all sizes - from small bowl to large fancy ones - gaining popularity.

Gold Fish, Black Gold Fish, Arowana, Guppy and Plower Horn, apart from variety of fancy fish are in great demand, according to sellers.

Watching fish movement in an aquarium is considered to be a stress buster and a mode of relaxation.

Feng Shui and Vaastu expert S B S Surendran said that as per Feng Shui, Red Chill, Golden and Silver Arowana are of great importance. Gold Fish and Black Gold Fish are said to be good as per Vaastu.