'Brain drain now no more'

Strong economy keeps IITians at home, says professor
Last Updated 20 April 2014, 19:46 IST

Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi professor Joby Joseph feels brain drain is no more an issue as it was a couple of decades ago.

A strong Indian economy has ensured that talented IITians remain employed in the country.

Joseph, a faculty member from the department of physics, said the tide is turning and qualified techies now prefer to come back to India for work.

“I do not think we need to do anything drastic to attract qualified Indians back to the country from abroad or to dissuade young engineering graduates from going abroad,” said the IIT-Delhi professor, who was the chairman of the recently concluded one-day tech fest at the institute.

The physics scholar said interaction with the young generation and their honing during the early years can also help them focus on developing science and technology for the country’s welfare.

“It is not true that everybody is dying to go abroad for higher studies or make money,” he said.

Joseph said the festival was also a platform for teachers from him to showcase what they teach their students.

“Apart from the students, the teachers too were excited,” he said.

The IIT-Delhi professor said the synergy between academics and the application of the research at the industry level was the institute’s focus.

“It is very important to inculcate a scientific aptitude among students who can be future researchers,” he said.

On the gains from exercises like fest, where school students and the public can see exhibitions by various departments, he said, “The gains from the exercise are not immediate. The benefits would start trickling in about five years from now.”

Students who get the spark from what they are seeing here may help them try and do something better themselves some years down the line, he said.

But why should a world-class institute like IIT-Delhi open up to public for just one day in a year?

“It is true that we have an exhibition like this for only one day on April 19 every year. But students and other people are free to visit the institute throughout the year.”

The only difference, during a visit on any day other than April 19, would be that visitors may have limited access to laboratories and other facilities on the campus, he said.  

(Published 20 April 2014, 19:46 IST)

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