Cakes at affordable rates

Cakes at affordable rates


Cakes at affordable rates

Few eateries start off by selling only cakes. ‘Ideal Cake Hut’, nestled in Teacher’s Colony of Nagarbhavi, is one of them. Started six years ago, this small and humble place offers different items now.

“We mainly had pastries, cakes and ice creams back then. It was after about three years into the business that the students who live around suggested that we also include short-eats. That’s when we included items like sandwiches and samosas,” says Dushyanth Kumar, the owner of the eatery.

The place offers many oven fresh items like veg hot dog roll, vegetarian nuggets and paneer cheese sandwich for the vegetarians and chicken cutlets, kheema sandwich, egg puff and chicken sheek kebab for the non-vegetarians.
“We also have pizzas which may not be the same as the ones available in big chains but are healthy and fresh,” explains the owner. He adds that since the eatery has been known for its ice creams and cakes right from start, their focus is on that as well. 

With a seating for ten people, the eatery’s most sold items are chocolate fudge, gudbud and cake sandwich.

The place also offers scoops of ice creams like vanilla, butterscotch, mango, orange fruity, kaju kishmish, anjeer, natural kulfi, Belgian choco and ‘browny’ as well as milkshakes like vanilla, strawberry and mango and cold coffee. There are also various lip-smacking combinations which have been divided into different segments like ‘Royals’, ‘Specialities’, ‘Classics’, ‘Delights’ and ‘Chocoletty’.

While ‘Royals’ has interesting items like rock ‘n’ roll, sweet suspense and Hawaian dance’, the ‘Specialities’ has tasty items like ‘twin melody’ and ‘fantasy island’. ‘Delights’ like sincoction and heaven’s gate will surely make one want to try them while there is a special section for the chocolate lovers which has different offerings like ‘Adam n Eve’, ‘choco browny’ and chocolate carpet.

The simple eatery sees a cross-section of visitors, from families to students who live around the area. “While we have people who come in for simple scoops and shakes, we also have a chunk of people who come in for our creative combinations.

We are open to making changes for the customers according to the availability of items,” says the owner. Dushyanth adds that often, there are people who don’t want certain ingredients to be included in their orders. So they try and make all the changes. “While some people don’t like mushrooms, some don’t want chillies. So we make the changes accordingly,” he vouches.

The customers also have only the best to say about this affordable eatery. “I love the cakes here especially the black forest cake. They also have unique cakes like zebra pastry. The best part about their cakes is that they are very juicy and fresh,” says Alisha, a student, who is a regular at the eatery. 

She adds, “I’ve always ordered my birthday cakes and cakes for other special days from here as I know I can trust the quality.”This eatery is located at Teacher’s Colony, Nagarbhavi 1st Stage, Bangalore University Road.

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