Look an eternal damsel

Look an eternal damsel

 It is now possible to give Marilyn Monroe a complex. With permanent make-up, a beauty spot can be planted on any part of the face you please, the lips can sport a natural pink hue, and more, explains Ishika Taneja.

Now looking good and presentable all the time is easy. Say goodbye to costly lipsticks, kajal and eyeliners and spruce up your personality with permanent make-up solutions. Now you can flaunt your beauty spot, defined eyelids and pouty rosy lips everyday, without any efforts.

And what’s more, it’s surprisingly affordable!  

As the name suggests, it is a permanent method of applying makeup to the face using FDI-approved pigments that are inserted deep into the skin. It is a form of cosmetic tattooing, which is mostly used to create artificial eyebrows, fuller eyelash, eyeliners and lipsticks. It also helps to mask the white spots (leucoderma) in any skin type. 

The colours used in permanent make-up create a natural hue and help enhance your facial structure. Permanent make-up is done, keeping in mind your skin tone and hair colour to give you the most natural and beautiful look possible. With this treatment, you can get rid of make-up related issues and get ready for any party or special occasion in a snap. 

After a rough sketch is done and you approve of it, the actual process begins. A spray is used to numb the skin and a machine is used to create the make-up. A little bit of bleeding is possible but is usually painless. Putting a beauty spot takes as less as five minutes. Other permanent cosmetics may take thirty minutes to one hour. There are no negative effects, if proper hygiene and sterilisation methods are followed pre-procedure.

This safe treatment is useful to anyone who wishes to correct a flawed beauty area or enhance their look with a beauty spot or lip colour. Brides-to-be get permanent makeup done because the time around their wedding and honeymoon is usually very hectic. This way, they can save time and always look beautiful, even in bed!However, permanent make-up need not be a mere luxury; it can come to the rescue of ailing patients suffering from cancer.

 During chemotherapy and radiation, a person tends to lose his/her eyebrows or lashes. This can be fixed with permanent eyebrows and eyeliner for a natural look. People with leucoderma patches on their skin can breathe a sigh of relief because permanent makeup can make their skin appear normal, quite matching with their original skin.

Normally, if good colour pigments are used, the eyebrows, liner, beauty spot and leucoderma patches last more than 15 years. Procedures like lipstick, eyelash extension and eyelash curl last upto six months. These procedures cost about Rs 3,000 to Rs 6,000. Effectively, the amount you will spend on this treatment is equal to the amount that is required to buy cosmetics in a year!


The technique can enhance and shape the eyebrows. It is for anyone who has thin, light or grey hair in the eyebrows. Even a cut on the eyebrows can be camouflaged in a jiffy. Colouring and shaping the eyebrow gives the brows a permanently fuller beautiful arch. 

Eyeliner and kajal

While some women find it difficult to apply eyeliner or tend to smudge it, others wish to save time. It is a boon for women who wear contact lenses, as the liner or kaajal won’t stick to the lenses, keeping their eyes safe. Not to forget, the eternal sensuousness of the eyes.


It is possible to give the lips a pinkish hue throughout without bothering to apply lipstick several times during the day. Also, those who have smaller lips, uneven lip tone or dark lips can now make them appear even, fuller and more luscious by using the permanent lipstick. 

 Beauty spot

It is now possible to give Marilyn Monroe a complex. With permanent make-up treatment, a permanent beauty spot can be put on any part of the face you please.


n While undergoing these treatments, it is important to take utmost care towards hygiene, along with standard precautions and safety practice.

n Always check whether the salon or the clinic takes care of all the preventive methods.

n Choose the technician after considering his/her training, experience and preventive standards maintained in their salons. 

n The needle used should always be a fresh one and the colours need to be FDI approved.

n Make sure that the expert is not sharing your colour with any other client. 
n It is important to do an allergy test behind the ear to make sure that it doesn’t react negatively.

n Approve a rough sketch before you give the green signal.

n Make sure you love the look and it is not simply a fashion trend. This is permanent.

n Visit the clinic after a week if there is any need for retouching.
(The writer is a beauty expert and executive director of Alps Cosmetic Clinic)