Only 20 pc of City's footpaths safe

Last Updated 27 April 2014, 20:14 IST

In a City bursting at its seams, only 20 per cent of the footpaths are good and safe for pedestrians, a survey has revealed.

A team of experts under traffic expert and advisor to government on infrastructure and transport, M N Srihari, undertook a Pedestrian Safety Index survey over the last three months. 

‘Developmental Methodology for Pedestrian Study in India’ is in the final stages of completion. Soon after the elections are over, the report will be submitted to the government. The aim is to improve the condition of footpaths in Bangalore and make them friendly for citizens, he said.

Srihari told Deccan Herald: “We surveyed footpaths in most areas of Bangalore. We have found that only 20 per cent of Bangalore’s footpaths are fit for pedestrians to walk, but with some minor problems. There are no perfect footpaths as such in Bangalore.”

He pointed that in most places, the width of the footpath was too small or too big and was not levelled. They lack adequate lighting, are encroached upon and turned into parking slots. And in most places, there are no footpaths at all. There are even trees in the middle of the sidewalks at many places. 

As per the Indian Road Congress 106-1990 standards, the width of the footpath should be around 1.5 metres and in some cases can even extend up to 2 to 2.5 metres. 

There should not be any trees in the middle of the footpath and they should be designed and built in such a way that they are on the side of the trees. Footpaths should have a carrying capacity of around 600 pedestrians per hour. They should be free from hawkers and vendors, well levelled and properly illuminated, Srihari explained. 

According to the report, some of the worst footpaths in Bangalore are on Richmond Road, near Jayanagar shopping complex, Chord Road, Mekhri Circle, Yeshwantpur, Cooke Town and Gandhi Bazaar.

In areas around Majestic, even though the footpaths are wide, they are encroached upon by hawkers.

 In some places, they are not levelled and there are trees in the middle. Footpaths are in a bad state even in busy and prime shopping areas of Bangalore such as Brigade Road, Commercial Street and MG Road, according to the survey.

(Published 27 April 2014, 20:14 IST)

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