You don't have to lecture us on secularism, Omar tells Modi

You don't have to lecture us on secularism, Omar tells Modi

You don't have to lecture us on secularism, Omar tells Modi

Hitting back at BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah said on Monday that Kashmiri Pandits (KPs) did not leave the Valley during his father Farooq Abdullah’s regime “but because of BJP and its partners.”

“Exodus of KPs from Kashmir took place under Jagmohan, who was appointed governor by the central government which was supported by the BJP. When KPs left the Valley, Jagmohan, who has not parted ways with the BJP yet, as far as I know, was the governor. Farooq Sahib (Omar’s dad) was not in power,” Omar told reporters at a hurriedly called press conference at his Gupkar residence here.

Earlier in the day, Modi had said that Omar’s dad Farooq and his family had harmed secularism in the state. “Farooq Abdullah, his family and Omar Abdullah harmed secularism in Kashmir where Kashmiri Pandits on the basis of religion were thrown out,” Modi said.

Retorting back, Omar said, “I am thankful to Modi and on the behalf of Farooq Abdullah for not issuing the certificate of secularism. So far, he used to attack people through others but today he directly attacked Farooq Abdullah and his family.” “I, my family and Kashmiris don’t need certificate from Modi. He has tried to insult whole nation (Kashmir). He has tried to give out a notion that if anyone is communal in the country it is Kashmiri,” the angry chief minister said.

“Whether it suits Modi or not but it was Jammu and Kashmir where Mahatma Gandhi saw a ray of hope in 1947 when Hindus and Muslims were killing each other and we have taught the lesson of secularism,” Omar added.

In a direct address to Modi, he said, “Modiji you want to be the PM of the country but don’t have courage to come to Kashmir. You came to Jammu and asked for votes. There is no place for you (Modi) in the hearts of Kashmir people.” “Obviously he (Modi) won’t come because he doesn’t know what the hell is going on in Kashmir,” Omar added.

After addressing the press conference he took to Twitter to speak further on the issue. “Modi forgets that Sheikh Abdullah (NC founder) chose a secular India rather than Muslim Pakistan and then spent two decades incarcerated but didn't waver,” he tweeted.

“If there is one thing Kashmir and Kashmiris don’t need from Modi, it’s a lecture on secularism. Kashmir gave the world Kashmiryat and tolerance,” Omar said.