'Good platform for youngsters'

'Good platform for youngsters'

'Good platform for youngsters'

Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni during a training session on Tuesday at Nagpur. AP

Likely to get a chance in one of the Twenty20s, perhaps even in both, it is imperative for the two to come up with a solid performance to keep them in the selectorial radar in the coming months.

Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni hoped Rohit and Yusuf would exploit their chance. “Every international game and every performance is important. What I feel is that they need to enjoy and give their best. If they carry the good form from domestic cricket I am sure they can perform,” Dhoni said.

Dwelling on the broader aspect of chances Twenty20 format offers to young cricketers, Dhoni said, “Youngsters would get exposure and would get to know what international cricket is all about. You can spot talent and slowly groom them so that they are ready for 50-over game and Test cricket.

“It’s very good for them, a good platform and opportunity if they get a chance. If they don’t get a chance to play, they can still have a close look at what international cricket is all about.”

The Indian skipper said the switch from Tests to Twenty20 could be tough, but he added that his team has enough experience to overcome the hurdle.

“The transition from Tests to T20 is difficult. But we had been scoring at five an over in the last Test we played. For some batsmen like Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir this switch will not be an issue because they actually bat in the same way. Just that they are a bit over-aggressive in the T20 format.

“Most of our players are positive players, looking for runs. Of course a few others need to change according to the requirements of this format. Considering we are playing in India, it would be a bit different for bowlers as the batsmen would go after them from the very first ball. It looks to be a small game, just four overs, but the amount of effort that’s needed, that’s what it is all about,” he said.

On the new fielding consultant Mike Young, Dhoni said, “We should wait and watch what kind of impact he will make. Wherever he had gone he has done well. It’s always better to have fielding sessions in short groups so that the coach can have an eye on the techniques of individuals. This way he can also ensure that the players don’t injure themselves while doing the rounds.”