All about comfort

All about comfort

Gurvinder Singh, a second-year BE student of Sambhram Institute of Technology, wore a shirt from Tommy Hilfiger, pants from Ruggers and added shoes from Converse and aviators from Ray Ban to complete the look.

Fashion is a blend of comfort and style.

Pick clothes according to your style and keep in mind what suits your personality.

Whatever you wear, you must be able to carry with confidence.

"I personally prefer shirts over T-shirts as I think shirts are very versatile. I like light-coloured shirts as it goes well with everything.

Pragathi P Rao, a second-year BCom student of Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women, donned a black dress from Mango and teamed it with platforms from Catwalk.

"I mostly prefer black and white colours. What one wears defines one’s personality. The dress must go well with one’s personality and not worn just because it is the hot favourite in the market. I believe in setting trends rather than following the trend."