Capturing a memorable journey

Capturing a memorable journey

Capturing a memorable journey

Sudeep’s directorial venture, Maanikya, has brought together a large number of Sandalwood directors and technicians under one project.

Some of them are newcomers and they say that working with Sudeep has been an unforgettable experience.

The list of those who worked for the film is rather long and it includes Chiranjeevi Sarja, AP Arjun, Dwarakish, Yogi Dwarakish, Harikrishna, Tarun, Shashank, Shankre Gowda, Guruprasad, Gurudutt, Rajesh Ramanathan, Arjun Janya and Imran Sardaria. Maanikya is a remake of the Telugu hit Mirchi.

Apart from Sudeep, the film has Crazy Star V Ravichandran, who plays the role of his father, newcomer Ranya and Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar among others. 

Sudeep chose to thank the cast and crew of his latest venture through a four-minute video, where he has captured the making of the movie and paid tribute to every single person who sweated it out to make the project a success.

The four-minute video begins with Sudeep’s statement, “This film has been a wonderful experience. So here I am wanting to share it with you.

Join me in this journey, witness it part by part,” he said before running the video during a lavishly hosted press meet.

Although, the press meet started well behind schedule, Sudeep took time off to thank every single person who worked hard on the project.

“People ask me where I got the title from and very few people know that I actually got it from veteran actor Dwarakish who said that he thought Maanikya would be a good title because the title means someone who sets right all the wrong doings,” explained Sudeep during the press meet.

Sharing his thoughts on who he wanted to rope in to play the role of his father, Sudeep said, “There was only one name that cropped up in my head and that was of
Ravichandran and after I had decided, I went over to his house. I still can’t believe that he instantly agreed to play the role without a second thought. That came as a blessing.”

 He added, “Without Ravichandran, Maanikya would not have been complete. He has added a lot of meaning to the film.”

Sudeep said that the biggest challenge was searching for perfection amidst imperfection.

He explained that the film captures the happenings in two households and the biggest challenge was to shoot in two separate houses.  

Actor Dwarakish said, “The youngest child in the house is always fondly addressed as Maanikya and there’s a lot of innocence about that title.”