B'lore commuter's harrowing experience with Namma Metro

B'lore commuter's harrowing experience with Namma Metro

B'lore commuter's harrowing experience with Namma Metro

 It takes a hard nudge at times to shake the authorities from their slumber and remind them of their own services. 

That is precisely the case with Bala Ajjampur, a regular commuter of Namma Metro who had an unsavoury experience when he was denied admission in the rail a week ago.

Not only was he denied permission to board the train but was also misbehaved with and the staff at the station also kept him waiting for almost two hours.

Bala, who had purchased a daylong bus pass from BMTC which is also valid for Namma Metro, was trying to board the train at Indiranagar Metro Station when the station staff denied him an entry. 

This, despite the fact that he had travelled in the past using BMTC day pass and Namma Metro smart card.

Narrating his experience, Bala, founder of QTIME learning, said, “On April 26, when I was on my usual trip on Saral Metro bus ticket day pass, the staff told me that this facility no longer exists and I cannot board the train using the day pass. I told them that I have been using the facility and the staff have been allowing it too.

The staff then called a supervisor who told me that an email has been issued by B Keshav, AM, BMRCL stating that this service no longer exists. I tried to tell them that the website of BMRCL clearly states that it still exists and that they could not deny me the benefit.”
 “When I asked them to give me a copy of the email for my reference, they refused. They even made me stand and wait there for two hours saying that a manager would want to speak to me. It was humiliating. After that experience, I have not travelled on Metro. At least, the officials should be aware of what service is on and what has been stopped. I sent an email to officials of BMRCL including B Keshav, but I got no response.”

When contacted, BMRCL MD P S Kharola said: “Yes, there exists such a service and the staff at Metro station should have honoured it. They have now been instructed to allow passengers with BMTC day pass. However, this service is not very popular and we are having a re-look at it, now that the new line has also been opened. However, till that happens, passengers can avail themselves of the facility.”

BMTC and BMRCL have an arrangement wherein a customer can purchase either a Metro Bus Ticket (MBT) day pass - (Saral or a Saraag) and continue his day's journey on BMTC bus and Metro rail for unlimited times.

While Saral MBT is for Rs 110 and is valid for all AC BMTC bus services except airport-bound buses and Metro rail, Saraag is for Rs 70 and the passenger can travel on non-AC BMTC buses and Metro rail for that particular day.