Dress up, chic!

Dress up, chic!

Dress up, chic!

Summer fashionis all about getting out there, picking what you’re comfortable in and feeling beautiful. Dresses certainly fit that bill, writes Sarah Thomas.

Summer’s the hottest season, not just in terms of the weather, but in the fashion world as well. It’s that time of the year when women can wear the brightest colours and the most stylish clothes. While there are a variety of clothes you can choose from, dresses take the limelight this summer. It’s one outfit that can flatter just about any body shape and size. And the best part is that it enhances ur assets and covers your flaws!

“For me, summer really is the season to experiment with your wardrobe, because you can go all loud and look stunning. Dresses are my pick of the season. You can find lovely dresses even while you go street shopping, so now you’re not bound to branded stores and their sky-high prices to look great.

Depending on the kind of dresses you choose, they let you show off your curves or hide your fat,” says Anushka Mishra, a fashionista.

Since there is plenty to pick from, you need to know what exactly you are looking for. “Of course, with dresses you can’t go completely wrong, but sun dresses are brilliant for this sort of weather. They are colourful, lively and keep you cool, making for extremely comfortable casuals.

I think they are best worn during the day, say for shopping, picnics, brunches and the like,” suggests Aloka D’souza, a fashion designer. “Avoid wearing tight, bodycon dresses during the day, though. They can leave you uncomfortable and sweaty. They are meant mainly for the night,” she adds.

There are other things you need to keep in mind while choosing dresses. If you are going to be outdoors for longer than half an hour and don’t want to end up with a bad tan, better pick a long-sleeved dress. Also, fabrics play an equally huge role while selecting your dress.

Natural fibres tend to keep you cool. So choose from soft cotton-knit dresses, linen, cotton blend, chiffon or georgette. Avoid silk and rayon fabrics. As for colours, pastel shades such as violet, pink, coral and blue are in trend. Subtle shades look very feminine and flattering. In case you prefer bold and bright colours, then go for cranberry, yellow, or orange.

“Sheer dresses look really hot during summers, as they reveal just enough skin to make you look yummy, even while they keep you cool and comfortable. They are flowy and gorgeous,” says Sera Susan, a model. She insists on chucking jeans and shorts, as they can be quite uncomfortable on a hot day; opt to keep it breezy with sheer dresses.

“Anything goes on thin, tall people. That is why you see them on the runway,” chuckles Aloka. “But for the rest of us, picking the right kind of prints is very important, as it can make or break a look. Floral and tribal prints are an equal rage now, but not
everyone can carry off animal prints and certains kinds of stripes.

Prints can complement your figure, but the wrong choice can make you look a disaster! Every woman’s body is different from the next, but each of them is sure to find plenty of dresses she can carry off with ease.”

Women on the chubbier side, Aloka suggests, could choose medium or small prints, or vertical stripes, as it will make them look slimmer. The best fit would be the empire line dresses, as they are tight fitting at the bust, followed by a loose-gathered skirt. Naturally, it draws attention to the upper part of the body, hiding any flabs you may have on your tummy.

The empire line dress is best-suited for women with wide hips, as it easily conceals that region. However, plain fit, straight cut and t-shirt dresses go on everyone.

Coming to accessories and shoes, you can flaunt one statement piece - either a neckpiece or earrings, with bracelet or ring. You could even just go all bare; it’s summer. However, if you want to try something a little different, go for scarves. They look very trendy when you wear them around your neck or tie them on your high ponytail. As for footwear, wedges, loafers, platforms, anything will do so long as you are comfortable in them.

There are no hard and fast rules on how to dress. You just need to go out there and pick the dresses that are comfortable and make you look good. Ultimately, it is
about feeling beautiful. And dresses sure fit that bill.