DK admn mulls over finding lightning-prone areas in dist

DK admn mulls over finding lightning-prone areas in dist

Additional Deputy Commissioner Sadashiva Prabhu has said that the district administration is mulling over identifying lightning prone areas in the district and lightning conductors will be installed in a taluk on an experimental basis.

Speaking to mediapersons here on Saturday, he said that the conductor will be fixed above a pole to divert lightning harmlessly into the ground. “As there is no government fund available for the same, the district administration will have to seek help from the government,” he said.

Deputy Commissioner A B Ibrahim said that lightning has claimed six lives in the district in the last one week. Four persons have suffered injuries in the district.

Majority of the death were due to carelessness. A little precautionary measure will help in reducing the damage to some extent, he said.

The district administration has paid Rs nine lakh to kin of six persons, who died due to lightning.

Mescom Executive Engineer Manjappa said that lightning arresters have been installed in all the transformers.

There are 24 hours service station at 14 places in Mangalore taluk.

It would be better if people install earth leakage circuit breaker in the houses.

It detects small stray voltages on the metal enclosures of electrical equipment especially grinders, and interrupts the circuit if a high voltage is detected.

Regional Science Director Dr K V Rao said that when you hear thunder, go indoors, take shelter in a home, large building or substantial fully enclosed building.

Other do’s are as follows:

It is better to sit on the wooden cot;

The individuals inside forest should take shelter under a small tree. A small grove of bushes or shrubs is preferable to lone trees;

One should come out of swimming pool or any other water body;

One should not hold any iron equipment including a tractor, two-wheeler, cycle, scooter;
n  If you are caught in an open field with no nearby shelter, then drop down and crouch with hands on knees.

Never lie-down flat or place your hands on the ground;

Check lightning conductors, if installed on the buildings;

In case if the branches of trees are lying on the electric wire or telephone wires, then branches should be felled;

Ears should be closed to check damage to ears.


Do not stand near open windows, doorways or metal piping. Stay away from the metal objects, telephone and computer;

If you are inside a moving car, then don’t touch any metal items.

Do not climb a metal rod or metal wall

Avoid felling a tree with a hand-saw

Do not dry clothes on a metal wire or remove the dried clothes from metal wire

Do not load and unload metal objects

Venture out of the house only after 20 minutes of lightning and thunder.