Autocross rally: Tanveer, Den Thimmaiah champions

Autocross rally: Tanveer, Den Thimmaiah champions

Autocross rally: Tanveer, Den Thimmaiah champions

The national-level autocross rally near Beguru Kolli in Ponnampet had an exciting finish on Sunday.

The rally was held amidst greenery surrounded by coffee plants and attracted rallyists from Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

In autocross, the  driver’s skill is tested rather than the brute power of the vehicle. Here the drivers are expected to navigate and negotiate through a defined course on flat or undulated surfaces.  

The two-wheeler riders were seen falling off the vehicles on the steep curves. Inspite of it, they were riding the vehicle with utter dedication. 

The sound of motorcycle buzzing, car racing, and red mud flying was common at the venue.

One could see eager children perched on a higher altitude places    to get a good view of the race.

In the four wheeler category, the drivers had fallen while driving on the kuccha road. It was a challenge for the every rider.

The rally was organised in the fields belonging to Thitheera, Chekkera, Aipumada, Itteera, and Chendira families. The rally was inaugurated by Circle Inspector Diwakar.

Jaycee zone 14 President Madhosh Poovaiah was the chief guest.


Tanveer from Mysore was champion in the five categories of two-wheeler race. He had won prizes in the four category who rode the two-wheeler with utmost skill. In the four-wheeler category, Den Thimmaiah emerged as the champion.

The winners in Coorg Open Class are Amruth Appanna (I), Siyab (II) and Madan Chotu (III). In two stroke category—Sajith (I), Imran (II) and Tanveer (III). The winners in 4 stroke category are Tanveer (I), Rajendra (II) and Imran (III). In Indian open class, Tanveer won first place followed by Sajith and Rajendra.

In Expert Class, the winners are Tanveer, Sajith and Mohammed Asgar respectively.
Four wheeler 800 cc category—Srihari Mudigere (I), Khader (II) and Naseer (III); Coorg open class —Ballachanda Den Thimmaiah (I), Bopaiah (II) and Amruth Lobo (III); 1001 cc to 1400 cc—Den Thimmaiah (I), Sabeer (II) and Amruth Lobo (III); 1400 to 1600 cc—Den Thimmaiah (I), Sridharan (II) and Mohammed Farook (III); Indian open class—Den Thimmaiah (I), Mohammed Farooq (II) and Sabeer (III).