Going pace by pace

Going pace by pace

Running Technique

Running has become a fad among Bangaloreans. Some run to keep fit while many others run because they enjoy being outdoors.

However, most amateur runners don’t get the technique right when they start. Experienced runners suggest that it is important to follow a proper technique and a regimen while running. 

“I would say that the best way to learn the proper method to run will be to train under someone who is experienced. A lot of people complain about joint pain and foot pain once they start running. This can be avoided if they do a proper warm-up and a cool- down. Stretching and certain exercises, which help in loosening the muscles, are also very important before running. Cooling down is as important as a warm-up, there are specific exercise like jumping which help,” says Shreyas, a professional.

Sourav, who trains runners at Runner High, says that there is no set formulae which should be followed while running. “Whatever posture or method is comfortable for a person, that is the one that they should follow. A warm-up is essential especially when one is running in the morning. There has been a lot of study regarding the different methods to run, whether to land on one’s heels or on one’s foot, how the hand should be placed while running, but what matters most is the comfort level.”

He adds that landing on one’s foot or heel matters when it comes to a runner who is not very young. “People should concentrate on building up strong muscles and I make them do a running drill which helps in strengthening the muscles. Most runners get it right if they put in some effort. I would suggest not worrying about the form but enjoying running,” he says.

Chandra Gopalan, a marathon runner and a coach, says that a warm-up is essential as the heart is at a resting rate when one starts and a sudden rise in the heart rate is not good for health. “Many people don’t warm up and suddenly start running which is wrong. One should slowly start running so that the breathing is not laboured. I have also seen that many runners don’t know how to pace and start running very fast in the first few minutes. A good runner will be able to keep up the pace throughout the run,” he says. 

“Goal pace is another important thing, most people don’t stick to their goal and start running either slowly or very fast. We do a lot of goal pace runs which help people know their goals and fulfill them. Also, a run will have many water breaks, many runners stop for a fill and start chatting with people. This cools the body down and they repeat the same mistake of suddenly increasing the heart rate when they start picking up pace again. It is important to train well and know one’s pace,” she sums up.