'Har Har Modi' slogans raised during Rahul's rally

'Har Har Modi' slogans raised during Rahul's rally

'Har Har Modi' slogans raised during Rahul's rally

A group of people present at Rahul Gandhi's rally here raised pro-Modi slogans causing discomfiture to the Congress Vice-President.

Gandhi who was campaigning here was faced with slogans of "Har Har Modi, Ghar Ghar Modi" during his rally while he was promising free housing, free medical care and pension for women to his audience.

After the incident, the security personnel whisked these people away.

Gandhi during his speech asked a person standing in the rally, the rate of the land for him, to raise a point about "land being given" to corporate group Adani in Gujarat.

"In Gujarat, you get land at Rs one per square meter but you will not get land at that rate. If you want land at this rate in Gujarat, you will be slapped and thrown out of the state," Gandhi alleged.

He claimed if BJP leader Narendra Modi becomes the prime minister, only his "industrialist friends" would benefit.

"Modi has given 43,000 acres of land to his industrialist friend Adani. Electricity worth Rs 26,000 crore has also been given for free of cost," he alleged.

Gandhi said if Congress comes to power, they will ensure free surgery, free housing, ration at Rs one per kilogram and pension for women.

BJP's senior leader Kalraj Mishra is contesting from here for the Lok Sabha elections against BSP's Niyaz Khan, Congress' Sabha Kunwar Kushwaha and SP's Baleshwar Yadav.

There are 11 other candidates in fray from this Uttar Pradesh seat.

Later, speaking in Domariyaganj, Gandhi said there are 70 crore people who were above BPL (Below Poverty Line) category but not in the middle class.

"We need to help these people to uplift them to middle class...I want to create production and marketing opportunities for 'Made in UP' products," he said.

Gandhi claimed that the UPA government did a lot more work than the NDA did, as it provided MNREGA to generate employment, right to food, right to education, and right to information.

"Now no poor will sleep empty stomach. We do politics of love, while BJP indulges in politics of hatred and arrogance," he said.