The Road With Twists And Turns

The Road With Twists And Turns

There is a dangerous way
Covered with fog in the early day
It is the road perhaps the best
And is so long that you require a rest!

It comes with many twists and turns
And you may get sunburns
It may not even get you a dime
But make you succeed many a time!

It makes you happy and sad
It makes you feel good and bad
It would be the worst path ever
And you may even get high fever!

You would have now guessed the way
Which is there everyday
It is the path of living
That is forever singing and playing!

Just go and follow it
And face all the hardships and bad pits
Then you will reach your goal
And never will you have to fail or tumble into a hole!

Prakruthi Harihar
VII Std 'D' Sec
Sri Kumaran Children's Home, CBSE

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